AfD Tied or Ahead of SPD in Latest Two Polls


AfD has surpassed or tied SPD in the latest Germany polls. Support for the CDU/CSU union is also trending lower.

These graphs come from the Opinion Polling for the Next German Federal Election.

Poll Results

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CDU and CSU Split

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CDU only has a 6.5 point lead over second place AfD.

Even the "Grand Coalition" totals only 47%.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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Tips for AfD if some of you are reading this: 1. Germany gives 10 000's and 10 000's of "humanitarian protection" statuses every year to asylum seekers. This "humanitarian protection" status is EASIER to get than "asylum" or "subsidiary protection" and EU directives only demand categories of "asylum" and "subsidiary protection" so IF Germany REMOVED this German made-up category of "humanitarian protection" from their law and only fulfilled the minimum of EU directives then Germany could send 10 000's and 10 000's of people back to their home countries after REJECTING their asylum claims instead of giving them generous welfare and free apartment for LIFE in practice after granting them "humanitarian protection" . Italy also has this made-up category of "humanitarian protection" in their law and let's 10 000's of people stay in Italy every year based on that and mostly these are from SAFE countries like Nigeria, Gambia, Senegal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Ghana etc. that tell a sad story that does NOT meet the definitions of either "asylum" or "subsidiary protection" but that still tug at the heart strings enough that an asylum processing bureaucrat gives "humanitarian protection" That is NOT required by EU directives so Salvini could remove "humanitarian protection" from Italian law and send 10 000's and 10 000's of people back home. 2. Merkel and Seehofer deal with Greece to let asylum seekers who have family in Germany move to Germany from Greece created a dangerous new route/shortcut from Greece to Germany to enjoy generous welfare and free apartments that Greece does NOT provide but that Germany provides. There are only 2900 such cases right now in Greece that will be moved to Germany but since Germany has about 1 million syrians ALL of their relatives who are now as refugees in Turkey among about 4 million and ALL of their relatives who are now in Syria among the tens of millions of people can now get to Germany if they just get to Greece and have a relative in Germany already. This is a MAJOR MISTAKE by Seehofer and Merkel that creates a massive pull factor to come from Turkey and Syria to Greece since if one has family in Germany one now gets to Germany. 3. Each and every rape, murder, assault etc. committed by asylum seekers in Germany is now and has been since 2015 a POLITICAL CHOICE by CDU/CSU/SPD since these parties have CHOSEN to let asylum seekers move freely in Germany and go out when they want getting drunk on the streets and raping and killing many German women DESPITE EU directives allowing CLOSED assigned areas aka CLOSED refugee camps and EU directives allowing CLOSED residences aka CLOSED asylum seeker accommodations for asylum seekers while their asylum application is being processed and until a decision has been made on their asylum application. . Seehofer (CSU) and Merkel(CDU) and Nahles(SPD) again confirmed after the Merkel-Seehofer play-"fight" that their POLITICAL CHOICE is that more german women and girls will be raped and killed because they CHOSE that asylum seekers will still be able to go freely where they want and when they want and that asylum seeker accommodation will continue to be open. . In a CLOSED residence or CLOSED assigned area as defined by EU directives asylum seekers would be in a CLOSED environment during their whole asylum process and could only request a permit to go outside for a reason but authorities would NOT be required to accept that reason as valid, so if Someone asked to go meet a lawyer helping them in their asylum case then this could be granted but if hundreds of asylum seekers asked permission to spend New Years Eve on German train stations getting drunk this could be DENIED (in actuality hundreds and hundreds of asylum seekers harassed women in New Years Eve with many being raped and German media and German police HID this for 6 days until Social Media pressure FORCED them to start telling the truth). 4. The Merkel "deal" with Greece to take asylum seekers who have family in Germany to Germany from Greece is stupid but the reason that Merkel claimed this had to be done to get Greece to accept Dublin returns of asylum seekers registered in Greece back to Greece from Germany is pure LIES and hiding of previous FAILURES by Merkel and BAMF. Current Dublin agreement has a straightforward and quick procedure to make Dublin returns of asylum seekers to the first EU country where they registered provided that the country checks that their fingerprints are at the EU asylum seeker fingerprint database EURODAC quickly and starts the Dublin return process in the timetable as specified in the Dublin agreement. . Why has Germany FAILED in making Dublin returns leading to Merkel claiming that one-on-one deals with countries are the only way to make Dublin returns work? Germany has only Dublin returned 17% of those it could have Dublin returned leading to 83% of people who could have been Dublin returned becoming the responsibility of Germany BECAUSE Germany has NOT asked for Dublin returns to the 1st EU country where they were registered in the timetable specified in the Dublin agreement. . Because BAMF did NOT and still does NOT take fingerprints from asylum seekers and check whether they have a match in asylum seeker fingerprint database EURODAC until they have their asylum interview. Since getting an asylum interview has taken months, over half years or even over a year this has meant Germany has NOT taken fingerprints or checked EURODAC in a timely fashion and this has led to FAILURE in that 83% of Dublin-returnable sylum seekers became the responsibility of Germany and only 17% were Dublin-returned to the first EU country where they registered. . Many other EU countries including otherwise clueless Sweden take fingerprints immediately, check EURODAC fingerprint database immediately and start Dublin return to the first EU country where asylum seeker was registered immediately and do NOT even schedule an asylum seeker interview because one is in the Dublin-return category. . That Merkel and Seehofer are both INCOMPETENT and do NOT know these facts about Dublin returns OR that they know them and INTENTIONALLY LIE to German people about Dublin agreement and Dublin returns to hide German government and BAMF failure in making Dublin returns is an outrage. There should be mas-firings at BAMF and EVERYONE in leadership position who had anything to do with Dublin returns should be FIRED immediately and the leading bureaucrats in German Interior Ministry should also be FIRED. ... I have many more things to write about political failures and political choices by Merkel and others but no time right now...


Everyone who is a threat to public order can be kept in DETENTION according to EU directives so one crime should lead to an asylum seeker being put into DETENTION. Instead Germany lets asylum seekers committing crimes to hang around freely where they want and keep committing more crimes. 6. Every FAILED asylum seeker can be kept in DETENTION until their REPATRIATION or DEPORTATION is successful according to EU directives. Germany instead let's FAILED asylum seekers (who have been judged to not have a basis for their asylum claim) hang around freely where they want and even gives them some welfare money. Completely predictable when one let's FAILED asylum seekers hang around freely and gives them some welfare money it is quite difficult to get them to return to their home country.

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