Adding to Merkel's Woes: SPD's Collapse in Germany, Greens the New Left Darlings


Support for Merkel's coalition partner SPD is in a state of collapse. And it's not just a single poll.

Greens the Big Beneficiary in SPD Collapse

Support for Merkel's coalition partner SPD is in a state of collapse. Four consecutive polls have SPD at 14%. The Green party is at 21% in the latest poll and averages 20% in the last three polls.

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Clear National Trends

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Hesse State Election October 28

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In the last two Hesse State Polls, the Green party is averaging 21%, SPD 20.5%, and CDU 26%.

There are currently 110 seats in the Hesse Parliament.

That number can change and indeed is likely to go higher as Linke, FDP, and AfD will all gain seats based on a 5% threshold.

Current Parliament

  • CDU: 47 Seats
  • SPD: 37 Seats
  • Greens: 13 Seats

The Next Hessian Parliament will look a lot different.

Impossible Tightrope

This splintering will do Merkel no good. The greens are pro-immigration but CSU, AfD, andf FDP are not,

This is an impossible tightrope for Merkel.

Mike :Mish" Shedlock

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Baffling, German voters supporting Greens are voting for 1+ million migrants to come to Germany every year like happened in 2015 when Merkel kept borders open and said "there is NO LIMIT how many asylum seekers Germany takes". Merkel also demanded other EU countries keep their borders open since "the numbers coming are too large to stop".

The 2015 rush of migrants to Europe was caused by Greece (no welfare and no free apartments country) stopping border control, stopping detention of asylum seekers, releasing all asylum seekers previously put into detention and stopping registering migrants as asylum seekers if they did not want to register (all election promises made by Leftist-Communist Syriza party and kept by the Syriza prime minister Tsipras) and instead just giving them ferry rides from Greek islands to Greek mainland and then bus rides to Northern Greece to cross over into Macedonia and then go Serbia-Hungary-Austria-Germany-Denmark-Sweden and when Hungary closed their borders the route switched to Serbia-Croatia-Slovenia-Austria-Germany- Denmark-Sweden.

Denmark and Sweden started border control at the end of 2015 when the numbers became unbearable and Austria and Slovenia closed their borders in early 2016 despite Merkel demanding borders must be kept open, Croatia, Serbia and Macedonia closed their borders within 24 hours from Austria and Macedonia (Czech and Poland sent troops to help Macedonia to keep the border closed). The border closures crashed the numbers of arrivals to Greece since Turkey is a better place to stay than Greece.

To hide the fact that Merkel's Open borders policies had caused the problems Merkel made a stupid deal with Turkey behind other EU leaders backs where Merkel promised 70+ million Turks visa freedom to EU despite her having no authority to do so and Merkel also got promise from Turkey to take some migrants back from Greece if EU countries would take 20,000 Syrians from Turkey and spread them around. Now a few hundred migrants have so far been returned from Greece to Turkey. Also EU promised Turkey 3 billion Euros to pay for the Syrian refugee camps in Turkey.

Greece's complicity is shown by the fact that 1+ million migrants came through Greece but Greece registered only 11,000 asylum seekers in 2015 so in fact Greece pushed 99% just north without registration enabling them to ask for asylum from Germany and Sweden who were giving free generous welfare money and free apartments once people got either asylum or subsidiary protection and Germany was even giving "humanitarian protection" for those who failed to qualify for either asylum or subsidiary protection despite EU-directives NOT demanding this category and most EU countries sending people who do NOT qualify for either asylum or subsidiary protection back home.

Sweden and Germany also had made a political decision to give Syrians 100% acceptance even if they came from SAFE areas in Syria like Syrian government controlled areas or Kurdish controlled areas and even if the Syrians in question had lived for years in SAFETY in Turkey. According to Geneve Convention and international law NONE of those kinds of Syrians should have been given asylum or subsidiary protection.

EVERY Syrian was already SAFE once they reached Turkey with them getting a free tent with a heater from refugee camps and free food and water and free school and even free university for those qualifying. Only 10% of Syrians in Turkey live in such refugee camps and 90% live in apartments they rent and pay with their own money that they get from working low wage jobs in Turkish economy.

All movement of Syrians from Turkey towards Germany and Sweden was NOT motivated by fleeing persecution, it was motivated by FREE apartments and FREE generous welfare money and Germany and Sweden politicians posing as morally superior by GUARANTEEING 100% acceptance for every Syrian asylum seeker which led to a huge trade in FAKE Syrian passports since Syrians had 100% acceptance.

German media spread the FAKE NEWS in 2015 that it was illegal and against Geneva Convention to stop migrants at the border and refuse to take their asylum application despite Germany being surrounded by SAFE countries and despite France having a policy of STOPPING migrants trying to come to France from Italy at the border and if sneaking across the border catching them and driving them in border police vans back to the Italian side. France even checks every train coming from Italy for migrants at the first stop inside France and drives migrants back to Italy. France does NOT accept asylum claims at the border and this is totally legal since Italy is a SAFE country.

Trump should copy Macron's policies (that were started by leftist Hollande in summer of 2015) at the USA-Mexico border and just refuse to take asylum applications at the border, at ports of entry or from migrants sneaking to USA and just drive them in vans back to Mexico and tell Mexico to stop them.

This France policy since summer of 2015 led to Italy having so many migrants that Salvini from League and Di Maio from 5 stars were elected when normal life in many Italian cities became unbearable and migrant crimes exploded. If Mexico was told to KEEP every migrant they let come into Mexico from Guatemala, Honduras, Nicarague and El Salvador then either Mexican government would have to control their southern border and send migrants back home or Mexicans would soon elect politicians promising to build a wall on the southern border of Mexico.

It is a basic job of a country to control their borders and only let people cross who have permission from the government to do so.

NOT one Syrian or other migrant crossing to Greece from Turkey was fleeing persecution since they were already SAFE once they reached Turkey.

NOT one migrant crossing over from Mexico to USA is fleeing persecution since they were already SAFE once they reached Mexico.

Furthermore the Obama era definitions of people "fleeing" spousal abuse or gang violence being entitled to leave asylum applications are ridiculous and it is a good thing Sessions and Trump removed them. Spousal abuse is NOT a valid reason to come from Guatemala to USA, if your spouse abuses you divorce him and move to some other city in Guatemala. Gang violence is NOT a valid reason to come from Guatemala to USA, if a gang threatens you move inside Guatemala to some other city and avoid gangs and ask for help from Police.


Republicans also have some open borders nuts like Kansas Republican Kevin Yoder who supported in appropriations Committee as it's chairman Democrats Price amendment that would return Obama era definitions where people claiming to flee spousal abuse or gang threats could claim asylum in USA which is a mockery of Geneva Convention and mockery of people who are genuinely persecuted by their governments.

Democrat Price promptly sent a statement how he had REVERSED the Trump/Sessions tightening of asylum rules and Kansas Republican Kevin Yoder is so out of touch with reality he thought he would get re-elected after stabbing Trump and Sessions in the back.

Kevin Yoder had 1 million in Republican funding earmarked for his re-election battle but that 1 million was removed since it is kind of stupid to stab Trump, Sessions and every Trump voter in the back and expect to get votes so Kevin Yoder is one Republican who will definitely lose and that is a good thing because going irresponsibly along with Democrats insane policy ideas should have consequences for Republicans in name only who do so like Kansas Republican Kevin Yoder.


For the "right" - immigration = letting in a limited number of folks who are high skilled, vetted and want to assimilate

For the "left" - immigration means letting in unlimited 3rd world low skilled unvetted criminals, who see no reason to assimilate, who will soak up every form of welfare but will vote for the leftist party for generations. And if you disagree with this definition of immigration you are a nazi.

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