116th Congress Starts January 3, Big Changes Coming, a Look at the Impacts


Republicans lost their majority in the House but Increased their majority in the Senate. Let's discuss what that means.

In the 116th Congress is scheduled to meet on January 3.

House Makeup

Republicans lost their Majority in the House which will make passing legislation much more difficult.

There is [1] vacant seat that is in dispute, North Carolina District 9, amid allegations of illegal activities committed by Republicans.

Political drama came more than seven weeks after Mark Harris, the Republican nominee for Congress in the Ninth District, seemed to defeat Dan McCready, the Democratic candidate, by 905 votes in November. But Mr. Harris’s apparent victory was soon overshadowed by allegations that a contractor for his campaign engaged in illegal activity to compromise the election. According to witnesses and affidavits, the contractor, L. McCrae Dowless Jr., and people working for him collected absentee ballots in violation of state law.

The election board refused to certify Harris and that board is now dissolved. It's pretty clear Harris' staff violated election law, but there is no agreement about what's next.

Senate Makeup

Republicans increased their majority in the Senate. This will likely make judicial appointments far easier than the sad saga of Judge Brett Kavanaugh.


Unless the Senate is willing to compromise with House Democrats, passing legislation will be difficult.

A government shutdown is underway, and Trump vows to keep it until he gets his wall. Nancy Pelosi will again become Speaker of the House and she says there will be no wall compromise.

Someone will eventually blink, either Trump or Pelosi, but polarization and political fighting will rise.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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How come the democrats who "ballot harvested" in Orange County, CA and managed to miraculously win all the congressional seats after losing on election day will be seated?


The biggest change will be the switch from investigating Comey, Hillary, and Strock to investigating Trump and his merry band of criminals.

  1. California is a big state with a large number of people who vote via absentee ballot and 2) As long as the ballot is post-marked by Nov. 6, it is valid. 3) Voters who submit early tend to be conservative whereas voters who wait til last minute tend to be more libreral. All these 3 together and you get a system that takes weeks to count and certfiy AND you get "late-breaking" changes as the last-minute liberal votes come in. Its the same every time. Nothing illegal and no sustained accusations of impropriety. Just vexing for all involved. Whereas in NC, that guy was vote rigging. Not submitting ballots for his opponent that his team collected.
Mike Mish Shedlock
Mike Mish Shedlock


Belaithead has it correct


Trump will turn to foreign policy where all presidents turn once they realize that Congress, not the president, has the power to tax, spend, borrow and regulate, that is, the powers that affect the economy and domestic policies.

If Trump manages to end any wars such as Afghanistan, he will probably be impeached. The last president to end a war, resigned before he could be impeached. Trump can end all of the wars but he must do so before impeachment.


With only one protection against ever growing government left, that being the "separation of powers", my favorite times are when you have one party controlling one or both houses of Congress, and the other party controlling the Presidency. During those times, little gets done, which is generally better than the alternative.

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