The fundamental decline of the U.S.


Hello Mish, what do you think of loss of freedoms and a socialism-creep in the U.S.? To me and my family, that's #1 issue. We won't vote for Trump, and we may abstain because Biden is a non-entity and we know nothing of Kamala. But you seem to spend lots of time on the upcoming elections and Trump. We think he's the symptom, not the cause. In a country where Center for Disease Control issues eviction moratorium (clearly for political reasons; and why not moratorium on buying and selling since people move too when they do that? why not moratorium on going to grocery stores since that surely transmits more viruses... etc.etc.), property rights are clearly on the way out. Lockdowns after 6 months for a questionable cause? Riots by self-admitted communists adored by the press? Our country, not having enough masks back in March, and not having the capacity to make them, proclaimed that we should stop wearing them (directly from Surgeon General). They lied to us in order not to look bad. To us, these are much more important developments, signifying the rapid decline in freedoms, property rights, productive power and overall the quality of the U.S. population, as evidented by opportunistic, spineless and despicable politicians, who (sadly) make a case for a competent leader like Putin or Xi (it's incredible that I am writing this; but reality bites). It's like the famous "went bankrupt slowly and then suddenly" maxim. Sure, Biden might win. We don't care. The U.S. is on a firm path to either socialism, fascism or some such combination. While China is still the same, we are rapidly closing the gap and becoming just as bad in our own way. We find all the critique of China (and Russia) hypocritical. Sure, they are no role model. Far from it. But we are effectively only a step away from them, again in our own way. THAT is the main story to us, and we'd like to ask you to write more about the rapid sinking of the U.S. that's happening right now. We have zero faith things will change if Biden (or whoever else) wins.

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Lance Manly
Lance Manly

"make a case for a competent leader like Putin"

You should seek help as soon as you can.


You're worried about Socaislim and want the country led by Putin or Xi two leaders associated with a current and former Socialist run country? Or are you arguing that the cure for socialism is fascism?

why do the all crazy posts ignore the use of paragraphs? It was a pain to even read let alone parse for normal thoght


China is authoritarian state, but it's not socialism. It used to be, but now it's a form of capitalism that looks more like the Wild West.

Just a few examples: home ownership (even if highly speculative) is over 95% in China, and there's no property tax. Hmm. Compared that to the U.S. where the State forever owns your house through property tax. Another one: taxes and business regulations are pretty thin in China (I have worked for a company that still has a large subsidiary there), and any capitalist will tell you they prefer China over the U.S.

The form of governance? Sure, the U.S. has a caucus of (disunited) voices that may (somehow) turn out to be better. China has a group of people, personified in Xi, who rule. On the other hand, serious studies show the U.S. is an oligarchy. So the differences, other than the dog and pony show of elections, may not be as much as you think.

While the U.S. had capitalism, it now has corporations-sponsored popularity contest people like to fondly call "democracy". It is a bought and paid-for system of governance that many mistake for true democracy, like in Switzerland.

Russia is a semi-authoritarian state that is also a capitalist in nature. Low taxes, but still lots of bureaucracy inherited from the old Soviet system. Anti-Russian sentiment stems mostly from the fact that Russia controls more than 50% of all the world's resources.

The U.S. is currently in denial about its situation. The post above may have been somewhat incoherent, but it raises good points.

There's lots of "chest-thumping" here in the U.S. We are exceptional, we are the best, we are democracy, we have compassionate capitalism. Blah blah. Nonsense. Other countries (who still have stigma associated with them, like Russia and China), are making huge leaps.

One day the narrative (on all sides) will be overrun by reality and things will reset.


If you're going to abstain, you shouldn't get a spot on this site or any other to complain about your fear of where our country is headed.

Everyone wants our country to be run like a successful business so I ask you this - how long would any CEO of the most successful "company" in history last with how screwed up the "company" is. Every department in the "company" is at war with the others, all the field workers in the "company" hate each other and hundreds of thousands of them are dying and being lied to while they take their last breath. The CEO of this hypothetical yet eerily similar "company" would be fired as soon as possible.

If we were a pro sports team in the condition we are in, the coach and his assistants would be gone long before player changes.

You may not like Biden but do you still want to work for this company in its current state or would you prefer a new leader to maybe try to right the ship. I'd take my chances on new leadership.