Pre-existing conditions insurance coverage available some 34 years ago


Pre-existing conditions health insurance coverage was, and still is available in Illinois, and 34 other states long before the ACA (ObamaCare). I personally benefited purchasing health insurance from ICHIP*. When my health insurance policy ran out, I could not obtain any health insurance due to cancer when in 1999 it was determined that I had a cancerous tumor on my right lung. ICHIP accepted me despite that condition. If you are a non-Illinois resident some 34 other states have ICHIP type programs. To find out if your State has a state sponsored High Risk Health Insurance Pool visit

My efforts to inform the news media, my representatives have been an exercise in futility. Why?

*Insurance coverage in Illinois for pre-existing conditions became available to Illinoisans on February 9, 1987, when the Illinois Comprehensive Health Insurance Plan Act, Public (ICHIP) Act 84-1478, became law.