Have I missed an early discussion of this?


This CNN interview with Miles Taylor, former Chief of Staff at the NHS, who has just come out in support of Biden, is one of the single most inflamatory interviews about Trump and his tenure in office, his poisonous personality, and the fate of the nation.

But I have not seen it posted here, nor seen any mention of it, so I am wondering if it was posted and I missed it?

It is a straight up indictment of the pure fascism and total lack of character of Donald Trump by a high government official.

I know none of you on the right will watch it, but the rest of you who are open minded should see what he has to say and comment. This is not some dry boring talking head either, what he has to say is so damning one has to wonder why nobody in higher offices has stood there and watch Trump without arresting or putting Trump into mental care.

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I posted something. I'm not sure Mish has. Seems that Miles Taylor has a pretty standard view of Trump among any of the national security people that worked under Trump including Tillerson and some former Generals who handled NIH, Chief of Staff and Defense.

with so many saying the same thing its hard to dismiss the critique. 70 of such people signed a petition in favor of Biden over Trump.


I saw it. Nothing surprising. Just one more confirmation of the kind of behavior Trump has been engaging in since he went belly-up in Atlantic City in '91. And long before that, I expect.