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If you think this guy is denying that there is climate change, you're wrong.

He's saying that climate change is occurring and humans will have to adapt.

He's recommending transitioning power to natural gas and nuclear.

He says factory farming is more efficient in terms of slowing climate change than not.

He has other points, but needless to say, he is one person of many (ever heard of him before this article?) who see alternatives to combating climate change.

His whole point is that the apocalyptic message of "everyone is going to be dead in 20 years " is wrong, and that there is time to modify our behaviors. And this is absolutely true--we won't all be dead but life will get progressively harder for those who are alive.

He is also upset about ignorance on both sides of climate change who seize on one fact and believe that is the only important thing. Believing AOC or Trump as infallible information is just foolish.


"Groups motivated by anti-humanist beliefs forced the World Bank to stop trying to end poverty and instead make poverty "sustainable." And status anxiety, depression, and hostility to modern civilization are behind much of the alarmism."

I said exactly the same thing when I objected to the "emergency housing solutions" for homeless veterans in Oregon and Las Vegas. In Oregon they were putting up cheap prefab garden sheds with no power or water or sanitary functions, they are 10X6 and had one small fixed window and a lockable door. These were usually in a parking lot on former commercial property and shared a portapotty and portashower. There were no facilities for food storage or cooking but was close to a mission where the homeless could eat. Most important they did not provide a fixed address without which these people could not even start to turn their lives around provided they even wanted to.

In Las Vegas they were turning shipping containers into "homes" for disabled homeless vets. They were a lot more advanced but again I ask what would be wrong with simply getting these people into REAL housing? Why not address the roots of our homeless explosion and end all homelessness instead of putting our honored vets into what amount to repurposed dumpsters?

By breaking our own laws regarding building codes and health and safety measures, we make homelessness a STRUCTURAL problem that carries it's own sort of stigma that is very hard to shake what with credit reporting agencies documenting our address history as part of the determination of credit worthiness, no pun intended.

There was nobody here that supported my indignation at activist "help" that was in the end making the problems more fixed and permanent than simply having left the homeless in parks and streets. It also cleans up those parks and streets and concentrates the problem in an out of the way place where the public can pretend the homeless problem is solved. The activists who were championed as paragons of humanitarianism have instead made the problem far worse and far more intractable.

I will not even start on Man Made Global Warming which with a successful and slick not to mention EXPENSIVE ad campaign has now become CLIMATE CHANGE, something I have constantly pointed out for many years has been going on since the end of the ice age and the start of the Holocene Interglacial Period about 12,000 years ago, and is mostly a natural process, because climate environmentalism is not about that anymore, it is now a religion with all the trappings of any other religion, and the structure and power of a religion. And god help you if you cross those who lay down their climate liturgical law, for those guilty of "denial heresy" in climate catechism are going to be burned at the stake publicly for it.

Some of my favorite all time hits of the climate propaganda mill are how organic farming will save us from the heat creating industrial farm. They are in fact far worse than the industrial farms because they use 50% more land to produce the same amount of food. Crucially they also use more than 50% more water which is the real next threat to man in the environment, clean, fresh water.