So someone in Washington state getting the max weekly benefit from the state for UI plus the extra $600 federal bump is now getting $790+600= $1,390 per week with 4.3 weeks in the month = $5,977 per month.

I do not like Moscow Mitch, and I am not opposed to some even handed stimulus for all, but 6 grand per month to sit on your ass at home is excessive by any definition of the word. So I do not blame McConnell one bit when he says the next round of stimulus will not extend that UI benefit. Meanwhile the democrats that think it is only fair and rational to pay those unemployed people $71,724 to sit at home will also look you right in the eye asnd say the $3,106.04 per month for 100% disabled veterans without kids is perfectly enough. Half of what some punk is making by being unemployed.

Well it might suck the big one, but it is nice to know where you stand in the eyes of your nation.

So Mish, how do I adjust my new realization that I am worth about half a Seattle barista to the country. Everytime I hear THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE (which is about 300 times a year) I just want to spit and tell them to stop thanking me and start paying me enough to live on.

I do not want to be so angry all the time, but the more the cost of living rises and the pigs on Wall Street and their minions in government say "Inflation? What inflation?" It just makes me want to join an anarchists party.

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so why do people have to call on food banks if your unemployment benefits are so generous ? ...even 3000 a month looks great compared with european standards, there must be some places in the US where you can live well with 3 grand...