Advice regarding hedges with current financial news


I started reading about hellicopter money in february as a path to address inequality. I feel that corona's economic hit forced a ham fisted attempt at doing it, however true to form, more went to the wealthy. My understanding is that trillions have been pumped into not only the US economy, but massive amounts in europe and asia as well. Now I read that Powell is considering fixing the yield on treasuries. My concern is that this would effect the safe haven status of treasuries and may cause people to dump them. My other concern is that if these methods seem necessary then the financial markets must be in much poorer condition then it appears. My question is what are people doing to hedge against this with their finances. I don't believe that you can buy toilet paper or groceries (Which have to be shipped with fuel anyway) with a 20 dollar gold piece, so my question is, other people see these macro economic trends, how are they hedging (Besides some bunker in the desert)