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To The Moon: Tesla Stock Is Trading Like A Meme

Now worth more than a trillion dollars, Tesla stock has been up 35% in less than two weeks. Wall Street Memes discusses why, like a meme stock, TSLA has been heading to the moon.

Tesla  (TSLA) - Get Tesla Inc Report is one of the most valuable global companies. While certainly not a “meme” in the literal sense, to be crystal clear, TSLA stock’s impressive rally makes it look like one. Shares are on their way to the moon, as gains have reached 50% since the start of last month.

Figure 1: A sign bearing the company logo outside a Tesla store in Cherry Creek Mall in Denver.

Figure 1: A sign bearing the company logo outside a Tesla store in Cherry Creek Mall in Denver.

Today, we discuss why this may be happening.

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Reddit popularity

The key catalyst that seems to have pushed TSLA well past the $1 trillion market cap was rental car company Hertz’s  (HTZZ) - Get Hertz Global Holdings Inc Report plans to partner with the EV company to electrify its fleet by 2030.

But TSLA’s rally started a couple of weeks earlier. The stock has been one of the most discussed tickers on Reddit forums for several days. The stock’s popularity has been fueled by other factors that include (1) Tesla having recently joined the select group of trillion-dollar market cap companies, (2) Q3 earnings results that topped consensus for the third consecutive quarter, and (3) recent enthusiasm from the sell side and institutional investors.

Tesla stock was the most popular ticker on Reddit on November 2 (see image below). It has also been one of the most discussed tickers in the past month on Reddit’s famous WallStreetBets – the birthplace of meme mania.

Figure 2: Trending stocks on Reddit on November 2.

Figure 2: Trending stocks on Reddit on November 2.

Cathie Wood’s super-bullish call

ARK Invest, the family of funds managed by famed investor Cathie Wood, has in Tesla stock its largest allocation. Despite having recently sold a chunk of her funds’ TSLA position, probably for rebalancing purposes, Cathie Wood remains one of the most ferocious bulls on the EV stock.

Recently, speaking at Milken Institute's 2021 Global Investment Conference, Ms. Wood said that $3,000 is ARK’s base case for Tesla stock. She sees the company as “a very visible” first proof of concept and wants to expose ARK clients to the “next FAAMGs”. She seems confident that Tesla is one key player in this new generation of tech giants.

Lastly, she has mentioned that electric vehicles are taking massive share from traditional gas-fueled cars, and that Tesla stock is finally reacting to this new reality.

ARK Invest is considered one of the most popular and influential funds in the asset management industry. Its strategy to invest in disruptive technology has likely incentivized several individual investors to follow in Cathie Wood’s footsteps and give TSLA further consideration.

Elon Musk’s influence

From the position of wealthiest person on Earth, Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has a very influential voice in the markets. Like his Bitcoin- and Dogecoin-related tweets that often cause a frenzy, Tesla stock seems to be under similar influence from its iconic CEO.

Elon has recently claimed that Tesla’s vehicle deliveries to Hertz have not started, and that a contract has not even been inked yet. The brief statement on Twitter (see below) caused immediate bearish reaction from the markets. Here too, meme-type price action was evident.

Under meme influence, shares of Hertz began the November 2 session trading 7% lower – only to reverse course and shoot higher by nearly 50% from intraday low to high. Meanwhile, Tesla ended the day lower by a sizable 3%, shedding nearly $40 billion in market cap.

Twitter speaks

In your opinion, will TSLA stock continue to trade higher on momentum? Or will it eventually succumb to selling pressures and give up some of its impressive gains of the past few weeks?

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