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How Much A $1,000 Bet In AMC Stock Would Be Worth Today

AMC stock has made some retail investors rich. Today, Wall Street Memes shows how much a trader would have earned if $1,000 had been placed in AMC earlier this year.

Movie theater company AMC  (AMC) - Get AMC Entertainment Holdings, Inc. Class A Report has been one of the most profitable investments in history in a short period of time – but only for those who found the best entry points. Through short squeezes, investors saw AMC stock price jump from under $2 to $72 within a period of less than 52 weeks.

Today, Wall Street Memes reviews the gains on a $1,000 investment in AMC over the past half year.

Figure 1: AMC theater.

Figure 1: AMC theater.

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Diamond-handing $1,000 since January 2021

Assuming a purchase made on the first trading day in January of this year, $1,000 would have bought 500 shares of AMC valued at $2 per share. If the investor had held his or her shares until July 8, as the stock dips to the high $40s, gains of approximately 2,150% would have pushed the initial bet to $21,500.

But even for the lucky ones who managed to achieve this feat with AMC, not all has been a bed of roses. On January 27, after surging more than 800% since the end of December, AMC reached its first peak in 2021. From there, stocks plummeted by more than 50% through early May.

Worse off were those who FOMO’d near the January peak. While early-year traders merely saw part of their initial gains evaporate, newcomers found themselves in agony for almost 4 months as their initial bet would have been slashed in half.

However, those who persevered through early June witnessed a second massive short squeeze. In a matter of days, AMC stock spiked by more than 500%. Apes who placed a $1,000 bet in early May would have seen the initial capital balloon to $5,200 in days, at the all-time high reached on June 2.

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Buy AMC today?

Today, AMC stock price is 30% away from the all-time high. Share have not been performing well since the last short squeeze. It has been a time of FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) for many. It remains to be seen whether the recent dip is a brief correction or a sign that the stock is declining at last.

According to many in the ape community, AMC's price should reach $100,000 (yes, many thousands of dollars per share). However, although technically possible, the target is highly unlikely. Based on recent price action, even $100 seems like a stretch for now.

For investors who wish to participate in meme mania but are reticent about speculation, Wall Street Memes has recently presented a strategy that limits downside risk. Following a barbell approach, one can add small quantities of meme stocks like AMC to the portfolio (say, 1%) and allocate the rest to a “boring” ETF like SPY. The chart below shows that doing so can produce gains with lower risk.

Figure 2: Barbell strategy with GME vs. S&P 500

Figure 2: Barbell strategy with GME vs. S&P 500

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How confident are you in buying AMC stock at current price levels?

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