I'm sorry, I couldn't help myself. 

Blame the market for my un-bear-able pun, please. It's only fitting after the Dow dropped 600 points during intraday trading. 

Anyway, let's move on to some of TheStreet's top stories, because I know we all need a good meal and maybe a drink after this day. 

Need Some Advice for the Bear Market?

Jim Cramer's got some advice for investors who have increased blood pressure thanks to the market.

He also took a look at stocks such as Target (TGT - Get Report) , which disappointed Wall Street when it released earnings Tuesday, Nov. 20.

Target said adjusted earnings for the three months ending on Nov. 3, its fiscal third quarter, came in at $1.09 per share, missing the Street consensus of $1.12 and rising 20.2% from the same period last year. Group sales, Target said, jumped 5.4% to $17.59 billion, matching analysts' forecasts, but noted that same store sales grew 5.1% compared to a 5.2% forecast. Target also said its third quarter gross margin, a key metric for profitability, fell 90 basis points to 28.7%, thanks in part to higher supply-chain costs as part of its drive towards digital sales and rising wage and training costs.

Ask Jim

Twitter user @texaspetejerry sent in a question about Microsoft (MSFT - Get Report) . He was wondering what Cramer's thoughts were on the software company.

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This Is an "Extremely Powerful Bear Market"

But, Cramer has some stock picks for investors looking to make enough cash to buy up some bruised and battered stocks once the market sell-off settles a bit.

"You need to see PepsiCo and Coke down," Cramer told TheStreet. "Now, you might say, Jim, why? Pepsi had a good quarter."

But, Cramer reminded viewers, that Pepsi (PEP - Get Report) started the earnings season with a "great" quarter. He noted that Coca Cola (KO - Get Report) also had a really good quarter.

Need some extra cash for the market rebound?

He also listed off Action Alerts Plus names as possible fodder for other purchases later on. His list included Johnson & Johnson (JNJ - Get Report) , Abbott (ABT - Get Report) , and United Healthcare (UNH - Get Report) .

And the final name that he lists? McDonald's (MCD - Get Report).

Sarge Still Wants a Bite of That Apple

Real Money's Stephen "Sarge" Guilfoyle is still in Apple (AAPL - Get Report) .

"By now, we all know that reports of iPhone production cuts have put the whammy on not only Apple (AAPL - Get Report) , but a bevy of semiconductor names as well. The news on Monday was that Apple had cut intended production for all three current models, and according to the Wall Street Journal, had cut orders for the iPhone XR twice just in October. The headline stock led the Monday retreat for the tech sector and for the major indices as well. Yes, I am still long Apple. Yes, the company did sort of signal this in the earnings call when the announcement came down that the firm would no longer provide unit sales figures for hardware sales. They also did guide the revenue range for the current quarter slightly lower," he wrote. 

"On a year to date chart, the $180 panic point that I had given you a few weeks ago is still the story. For me that level is probably an add. Yesterday, the lower low for the equity coupled with a higher low for Relative Strength could technically provide for today's trade a bullish divergence. From my perch at zero-dark thirty, the stock is still trading lower, but we'll see how this all shakes out soon enough," explained Sarge.

And That's a Wrap

Alright guys, breathe. Breathe in. Now breathe out. 

We are so close to Turkey Day! Or Have-Any-Food-You-So-Desire-Day. My point is, the market will take a break and so should you. 

Catch y'all later.