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NEW YORK (TheStreet) --Boomtrain is an artificial intelligence company designed to help marketers. The company's mission is to assist brands, such as Oracle (ORCL) - Get Oracle Corporation Report (one of its major clients), deliver experiences to consumers they'll love to receive, thus increasing engagement with the brands they help market for.

Boomtrain co-founder and CEO Nick Edwards joined Wednesday morning's CNBC "Squawk Box" to discuss the company and describe why it's more optimal for marketers.

"We use AI to help marketers solve their fundamental questions. Who should they speak to, what should they say, through what channel, and at what time? We then deliver those messages and insights through email, mobile notifications, or any digital channel," Edwards explained.

What separates Boomtrain from the types of ads consumers typically sees on the Internet is that it aims to create a better experience for customers.

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"What you've seen in the past is a clear re-targeting, you looked at this bag and that bag then follows you around the Internet. What we're doing is taking a holistic view of everything you've interacted with, who you are in regards to a particular brand, and then predicting what that next experience should be," Edwards said.

Likening it to a personal shopper who follows you around a high-end department store, Edwards believes this approach curates a better experience than just having ads annoyingly follow consumers around the Internet.

Finally, he described the company's policy regarding privacy and how paramount to it is the "don't be creepy rule."

"First off, we work only with high-end brands that are very transparent about their privacy rules. It's like if you walk into a coffee shop and you know the barista, they recognize you and they start making your favorite drink," Edwards described.