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This column was originally published on RealMoney on March 14 at 1:36 p.m. EST. It's being republished as a bonus for readers.

The basic-industries sector began the year 8.8% overvalued and is now 16.8% overvalued, so finding bargains is no easy task. For investments in this group, I have been focusing on stocks that rate as buys with ValuEngine in subsectors such as the chemicals industry, which is 12.6% overvalued, and in the nonferrous base-metals industry, which is 8.7% overvalued.

I believe that investors should be raising cash from overvalued and overbought stocks on strength up to risky levels. Investors will also want to put some cash into buy-rated, undervalued and oversold stocks on weakness down to value levels.

Chemical companies


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all currently hold or have recently held buy ratings, and all have been or recently were at least 10% undervalued. The share price for each is below the 200-day simple moving average, which is a sign of technical weakness.

Nonferrous base-metals companies


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Phelps Dodge

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have had buy ratings with mixed valuations, and share price has been declining toward the 200-day SMAs.

Make your portfolio a more potent mix by adding to chemical-stock positions on weakness.

Dow Chemical currently rates a buy with ValuEngine and is 10.3% undervalued, with fair value at $47.49. The weekly chart profile shows rising momentum, but the stock ended last week below its five-week modified moving average of $43.14. The stock is also below its 200-day SMA at $44.56, which indicates risk to the 200-week SMA at $39. If the stock does reach that level, investors will want to add to this position. Look for a rebound to at least my annual pivot of $44.77 at some point this year.

Lyondell Chemical, which is also rated a buy, is quite undervalued, at 31.1%, with fair value at $28.15. The stock's weekly chart profile is oversold, with the stock below the five-week MMA of $22.22 and on the cusp of the 200-week SMA of $19.37. A trend below the 200-week SMA would indicate risk to my annual value level at $15.48, where investors should add to this position. The upside is to my semiannual pivot at $22.20, and back to the 200-day SMA, which is declining at $25.79.

ValuEngine recently downgraded DuPont to hold from buy, but that doesn't lessen its attraction. It's currently 7.9% undervalued, with fair value at $45.09. The weekly chart profile shows rising momentum, and the stock ended last week just above its five-week MMA of $40.83, with the 200-week SMA at $43.06. DuPont traded around its semiannual pivot at $39.73 between Jan. 24 and Feb. 8, which was an opportunity to add to this position. A pop above its 200-day SMA at $41.81 would target the 200-week SMA and be a chance to sell. My annual value level is $35.96.

Solidify your portfolio by adding to nonferrous base-metals stock positions on weakness.

Alcoa recently received an upgrade from ValuEngine, to buy from hold. It's 12.2% undervalued, with fair value at $33.13. The stock tested its 200-week SMA at $28.61 last week, and is above its 200-day SMA at $27.57. The weekly chart profile is negative, with the five-week MMA at $29.84. Long-term investors will want to add to positions at the 200-day SMA at $27.57 and on weakness to my semiannual value level at $24.27.

Freeport McMoRan Copper & Gold rates a buy with ValuEngine and is 11.0% undervalued, with fair value at $55.94. The weekly chart profile is negative, with the five-week MMA at $54.06. The stock tested its 200-day SMA at $47.50 last Friday, which is a level at which investors should consider adding to this position. The stock closed Monday between my quarterly and semiannual pivots of $49.69 and $50.57, which should remain as magnets. Below those levels is risk to my semiannual value level at $41.64, the next level at which I'd add to positions.

Phelps Dodge trades with a 2-for-1 split this week. The stock rates a buy with ValuEngine, but is 22.4% overvalued, with split-adjusted fair value at $55.11. The stock peaked most recently at $83.56 on Feb. 2, which was between my monthly risk levels of $77.55 and $84.90. In that price range, investors could have reduced positions. Its weekly chart profile is negative, with the five-week MMA at $72.11. I showed risk to my semiannual value level at $66.46, which was tested last week. Investors who reduced holdings earlier could have replaced a portion of their holdings at $66.46 after raising some cash. The next level at which to buy on weakness is the 200-day SMA at $61.58. My annual value level is at $46.75.

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