TSC 1998 Awards

From worst ads to most regrettable quotes, we've got a week of awards in store.
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New Years is the time of year when the stoic regret hours wasted, the ambitious kick themselves over missed opportunities, the self-flagellators brood over their mistakes, and the baby boomers do all of the above, in therapy.

We think New Years (let alone the rest of the year) is a good time for a laugh. In that spirit, we present this week


1998 Awards series.

Through features like the Most Regrettable Quotes (a multiple choice game -- pick the big mouth); the Year's Worst Ads (my discount broker, yeah yeah); and Mixed Up in the Maternity Ward (guess Abby Joseph Cohen's long-lost sibling), we chronicle the characters and sagas that make Wall Street more dramatic than even

Melrose Place

was in its prime.

Join us in the fun all week. Then we'll start over again, next year.