Amazon's (AMZN) - Get Report stock has lost almost 9% inside of a month. The S&P 500 and Nasdaq Composite entered correction territory on Monday. Bitcoin is trading below $7,000. Trade war fears dominant Wall Street research reports. 

If you are feeling overwhelmed right now as an investor, it's very understandable. But how you think through moments like these will prove to be the difference between making a ton of money in the market or losing your shirt. TheStreet's founder Jim Cramer offered up several wisdoms for investors on TheStreet's sister publication RealMoney on Monday. 

Here are a couple to consider.

On FAANG Stocks

"FAANG is so universally hated that it is coming down to whether the president takes a break from tweeting or not. I think he doesn't want to look too much like Captain Queeg so it is an opportunity. We have been buying some Amazon. Wrong so far, but even this President knows that at a certain point it is good to check in with the facts."

On Markets

"When so few stocks are up at the end of the day and when your screen is engulfed in red it is important to remember that markets do get oversold and all we have done is gotten back to where we were in the beginning of February."

On Investing

"BUT, and this is a big BUT, you must always put yourself in the heads of people who have waited and waited to buy. What are they thinking? I will tell you. They are saying "at last, some opportunity." You don't want to be the reason they have all that opportunity. You want, if you have sold the way we have, including some into the abyss, to put some money to work..."

Required Reading

With market volatility back in full force, be sure to read Cramer's "25 Rules For Investing". This is required reading for anyone seeking to profit from market volatility and plan their portfolio for the long-term. 

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