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News of the stock market crash of 1987, known as Black Monday, traveled quickly throughout much of the United States and the world. By the morning of Oct. 20, news of the 22% market sell-off and the ensuing panic had manage to work its way onto the front page of just about every major newspaper around the globe. 

Many thought the crash was the start of the next Great Depression and the headlines of the day reflect it.

London's papers latched on to the panic as did those in Philadelphia and Los Angeles and the Netherlands. Of course all the major (and not-so-major) New York papers (New York Times Co. (NYT) - Get Free Report and New York Daily News) were in on the action as was Time Inc.'s   (TIME) Time Magazine.

In the event of another crash, we will likely be reminiscing about Facebook (FB) - Get Free Report posts or Tweets (TWTR) - Get Free Report 30 years removed, but from 1987 to 2017 we have the black and white pages of the world's newspapers to look back on.

The "Crash of '87 -- TheStreet Special Report" is a series of stories, videos, graphics and other multimedia elements that look at the stock market crash of 1987, also known as Black Monday. TheStreet examines the cause of the crash, reveals some of the hottest stories of the day, and discovers what could cause a similar crash in the future. How can we prevent another Black Monday? Read more about the Crash of '87.

Originally published Oct. 19.

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