Today on <I>TSC</I>: WorldCom/Sprint Deal May Finally Disconnect - TheStreet

Today on <I>TSC</I>: WorldCom/Sprint Deal May Finally Disconnect

Plus, retail sales slowed in the second quarter and more consolidation news.
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It looks like that






deal has fully unraveled. Sprint is trying mightily to save it, and we'll stay on top of the news. But assuming the deal is dead, what happens to the once-hot long-distance provider? What's it worth? Who would be able to take it on? We'll deconstruct what's next.

You've heard a lot of chatter on


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project ranking how well Wall Street analysts perform when it comes to picking stocks. Today, we take an in-depth look at Internet software and services. But there's also some immediate news affecting the big retailers: Sales slowed in the second quarter, but it seems the analysts have not caught up with this data yet. Be sure to check out our


Key stocks:

More consolidation, as Internet traffic auditors

Media Metrix


bought out

Jupiter Communications


in a

stock deal.

What you might have missed:

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And does the





deal really mean smooth sailing for online grocery purchasing? Don't bet on it.

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