Here's what you're missing on TheStreet.

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Let's go over what you're missing on TheStreet.

Cramer's Prepped for 2019

The Deal's Tom Terrarosa covered Jim Cramer's speech at The Deal Economy conference for TheStreet.

Here's what Cramer's looking at as 2019 barrels towards us. 

Trade tensions in China, coupled with what Jim Cramer, founder of The Deal's parent company, TheStreet Inc. (TST) , sees as a weakening economy, will likely not present a favorable market environment in 2019. 

And unfortunately, this means the year to come will see a "paucity of deals."

"Given that M&A is such a major prop to the market and that there are so many industries I just don't see deals in much longer, I have to refrain from even demonstrating faux enthusiasm," Cramer opined to a crowd of dealmakers and advisers at JW Marriott Essex House. "I just don't want to lose anyone money by going out on a limb and recommending takeover targets when I suspect that there would be real earnings risk come 2019."

Cramer did offer up a handful of companies that could see some M&A relief in 2019, however: 

Curious about Cramer's picks? Find out why he chose those companies in Terrarosa's piece

Cannabis Disruption On Its Way, Says Canopy Growth CEO

RealMoney's Kevin Curran reported on the interview between Jim Cramer and Canaopy Growth (CGC - Get Report) CEO Bruce Linton. 

The market for cannabis is already valued at nearly $200 billion. Bruce Linton, CEO of Canopy Growth Corp. (CGC) thinks that estimate might be too conservative.

In his view, the cannabis market is still just scratching the surface of the drastic disruption it could bring across numerous industries. Linton sat down with TheStreet's founder, Jim Cramer, to outline the opportunities at Thursday's Deal Economy Conference. The discussion is bringing cannabis to the forefront of Wall Street, a place it could increasingly occupy in years to come.

With the growth yet to be realized in the sector, the company's deal with beverage giant Constellation Brands Inc. (STZ - Get Report) could be the first of many in the industry.

Linton broke down the disruptive potential by outlining applications for cannabis.

  • Ousting Opioid Manufacturers 
  • Sparking Up Sports
  • Pot for Pets
  • Jolting the Sleep Aid Market

Curran breaks down the outline in his article for TheStreet.

The Post-Fed Hangover

Now that the Fed has spoken, here's what's on Jim Cramer's mind.

Post-Fed Speech

The market rallied after the Federal Reserve chairman Jerome Powell spoke at the New York Economic Club.

The rally after the speech saw the Dow hit session highs.

"A day after remarks by Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell sent U.S. stocks soaring by the most in eight months, some economists argue the enthusiasm was misplaced," TheStreet's Bradley Keoun.

Ask Cramer: Thoughts on Zuora?

Don wrote in and asked about Cramer's thoughts on Zuora (ZUO) , a cloud company. 

TheStreet's Annie Gaus wrote about Zuora after its shares got a "sympathy bump" after Salesforce (CRM - Get Report) beat earnings expectations.

Ask Cramer 

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