This Is Another Test

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Previous test didn't work, so I'm trying some new text.

That's actually the first line of the second test. This is the third test. The second one went disastrously.

In the first test I tried copying the text of a previous Market Roundup in, but it generated HTML errors. That may have been because of the stock-quote links, but I don't know.

It previewed fine on the edit story screen, but I couldn't submit it to editor or save changes. I don't think the HTML should have caused any problems. But who knows?

Then there was an apparent problem with a headline that originally included an ampersand. Don't get me started.

Something else interesting: I wrote a callout, but when I went into the article text editor and saved my changes, the callout disappeared.

The callouts keep disappearing. And any attempt to publish times out. And I can't submit to editor or to reporter or to copy desk without generating errors. So I can't do anything with this story.