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An up-and-down week in the market and an up-and-down deal for




USA Networks

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with ample fodder this past week.

As tech stocks -- especially Internet stocks -- pulled back early in the week, a convoluted merger deal between Lycos and USA Networks to create a new company got the thumbs-down treatment from investors.

However, the sun poked through the clouds later in the week as happy chat from

Federal Reserve


Alan Greenspan

lifted the


to a record rally. Of course, who knows how long that could last?

Lycos/USA Networks

The Lycos/USA deal -- the latest in a string of Internet mergers -- got the carpet-bombing treatment from


, as

Alex Berenson

set the stage with two of three news analysis pieces on the deal.

Colin Barr


Erle Norton

teamed for the other story.

USA/Lycos Deal: Big Picture or Small Screen?


News Analysis: USA Networks Uses Innovation in Programming -- and Accounting


Lycos Shareholders Go Searching for a Better Deal


Not Done Yet

But that wasn't all. Our San Francisco set,

Kevin Kelleher


Suzanne Galante

, also weighed in with reports on other aspects of the deal, including a look at the company's e-commerce plans and a possible accounting problem.

In the Midst of a Merger, Lycos Looks to the Books


Notebook: Lycos Sullies Its 'Pure' E-Commerce Status in Merger with USA


Is the Rose-Colored Glass Half-Full?

Of course, we're no e-commerce groupies, and plenty of things about the often-wishful-thinking world of online retailing are cause for concern. TSC's Economic Correspondent

James Padinha

thinks so too.

E-Commerce's Imaginary Future


The Magic Yen Machine

From the domestic market, to the world view.

Peter Eavis

took a look at the deflationary pressures that are impacting Japan, and the call by some of that country's policymakers to simply start printing more money.

Roll the Presses, Economists Tell Japan


Poor Words Spell Trouble

There was still plenty happening with other companies.

Jesse Eisinger

detailed how some poorly chosen words during a company presentation left


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scrambling to clarify.

At AgriBioTech, Sowing the Seeds of Misunderstanding


Smoke 'Em if You Got 'Em

Katherine Hobson's

examined how the recent tobacco settlement with

Philip Morris

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, in which a smoker was awarded $1.5 million, has the cigarette maker worried that the case may spur more such action. Investors seem to think so too as the stock fell this past week.

Philip Morris Award May Set Precedent, Analysts Worry


People Matter

Wall Street is moved by its people, and the movement of those people can move money as well as mountains.

Cory Johnson

got up close to

Byron Roth

, founder of micro-cap power

Cruttenden Roth

, and

Suzanne Kapner


Joe Bousquin

were on top of some key comings and goings this past week, as new entrant

Thomas Weisel Partners

snagged some analysts and

Numeric Investors

lost a player.

Cruttenden Roth Conference: Roth's Rules


Weisel Partners Reels in Two More


Bogle Unexpectedly Departs Numeric Investors


That's a Wrap

We'll let

Eric Moskowitz

bring the curtain down, with his closing comments on the

Goldman Sachs Tech Conference

this past week.

Goldman Sachs Conference: Big Crush