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Dear Coordinators,

Some wise soul told us that records were made to be broken. And so it was for the Dow this week as it barreled through its previous record highs on both closing and intra-day trading levels. The scuttlebutt on the street is that the economy is gliding in for a soft landing, which means that forecasters are predicting economic growth will moderate at around 2 percent in the first quarter of next year.

Weaker-than-expected jobs growth soured the mood of today's session pushing the Dow off its highs. But with prices at the pump on the mend and the Fed keeping its gun in its holster on interest rates, the dreaded "R" word, which stands for recession, is dissipating from the Wall Street lexicon, as a cautious optimism seems to be taking hold. So rather than the stormy seas we were looking at a month ago, it could be smooth sailing in the market for the rest of the semester. As we know, however, that doesn't mean automatic gains on individual stocks. For SMG students, it will be about nuts and bolts research as they seek to build a winning portfolio.

In the SMG's Teacher Support Center at www.stockmarketgame.org there is a lesson entitled "What to Do? Buy, Sell, or Hold?" It is an excellent introduction to the basics of stock research and will help SMG students look for good companies and evaluate the numbers. If your students haven't traded yet, you should consider the first two lessons in SMG's curriculum sequence: "What is a Company?" and "What is a Stock?" These lessons give students a basic understanding of publicly traded companies. Remember, your students have to make a trade to be eligible for the InvestWrite essay contest, which promises increased opportunities to win this year. To learn more, visit


. You don't need to be a language arts teacher to participate and you could win a free trip to New York and a new laptop computer.

Stuff that happened on Monday, October 9 from History.com: 1940: St. Paul's Cathedral bombed, 1635: Rhode Island founder banished from Massachusetts, 1974: Oskar Schindler dies, 1975 : Sakharov wins Peace Prize.

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Wayne Marks

Director of Administration

The Stock Market Game

This article was written by a staff member of The Stock Market Game.