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The Stock Market Game Week in Review: April 5

A review of the week that was.

Judging from the positive responses we received regarding the March 23 week in review highlighting BusinessWeek's top five stock picks, it appears teachers are very interested in finding tools to help their students select the best performing stocks and mutual funds for their Stock Market Game portfolios.

While the 'buy what you know' strategy is great for beginner SMG students, it is very rudimentary for determining good investment prospects. To take your students to the next level of understanding a stock's fundamentals, you may want to consider's new rating system

. It's free and comes in a format that students will find easy to understand.'s ratings

are based on statistical models using key financial metrics. But they grade stocks in different categories on the familiar A+ through F scoring system. The ratings pages for individual stocks also provide most of the information you would find on a stock table.

For more advanced students,

Investor's Business Daily

(IBD) goes a bit more in-depth with CAN SLIM, which is a checklist for the seven common characteristics all great performing stocks have before they make their biggest gains. It stands for:


urrent earnings


nnual earnings


ew product or service


TheStreet Recommends

upply and demand


eader or laggard


nstitutional Sponsorship


arket Indexes

For more information about each characteristic, be sure to check out IBD's


Web page.

Besides being the month most people associate with the tax man, April is National Financial Literacy Month. To celebrate this important springtime event, the Foundation for Investor Education and the SMG have made available: "Standard & Poor's How to Invest: A Guide to Buying Stocks, Bonds, and Mutual Funds" as a downloadable PDF file in the


section of

In the Classroom

in the Teacher Support Center (

). To access "Standard & Poor's How to Invest," click on the


link under

In the Classroom

. Leave the selection as "Show All Publications Listed by Name" and click "Next." Scroll down to "S&P How to Invest" and click the title.

"Standard & Poor's How to Invest" is just one of the new teaching resources The Stock Market Game will be making available through the Teacher Support Center this month. Our celebration of Financial Literacy Month will also include new non-core lessons and a new project. Be on the lookout for them soon.

This article was written by a staff member of The Stock Market Game.