Someone get Bob Dole on the horn!

Right before the end of trading, investors got all hot and bothered about


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, a California-based manufacturer of impotence fighting products. At 3 p.m. EST, the company announced that it received a patent on a new cream that will help keep men like Dole out of politics and in the bedroom. It works on the same chemistry as Viagra, using phosphodiesterase inhibitors to keep men happy.

After the news hit the street, Vivus stock rose quickly, ending with a gain of 2 3/32 to 8 23/32 on 5.9 million shares, with the majority of that volume occurring in the final 45 minutes. That momentum carried over into the night session. Vivus continued to get it on, gaining 5/16 to 8 15/16 on 1.2 million shares on

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. Meanwhile, across town on


, Vivus was the second-most active issue with a gain of 11/64 to 8 29/32 on 127,000 shares.

Unibrows, dragging knuckles and protruding lower lips were all the rage. Put simply,



was very popular with the postclose patrons after revising its fourth quarter in light of a pretty good income tax audit.

When the


was done sharpening its pencils, Komag came out owing nothing. Absolutely nothing. Thanks to the accounting redux, the company reduced its fourth-quarter tax liability by $27 million and promptly readjusted its fourth quarter earnings figures. Instead of the previously released net loss of 32 cents a share, the company posted a 9-cent gain. The fourth-quarter fix-up readjusted last year's fiscal numbers as well, replacing the previously announced loss of nearly $5 a share with a loss of $4.54.

Besides whiting out the green sheets, the company also let investors know that first-quarter shipments would exceed expectations by 12% to 18%.

As a result of all the news, it was a "turn back the clock" session for Komag. Its stock rose 1 3/4 to 5 9/16 on 312,000 shares on Island. It was even livelier on Instinet, gaining 1 11/16 to 5 1/2 on 118,991 shares.

Adobe Systems

had a pretty good day today, gaining 10 7/8, or 13%, to 94 7/16 ahead of tonight's earnings release. Investors felt good, no, make that giddy, at the end of the day, taking the stock from losses into session highs as the final bell pealed.

Well, tonight, the company released those earnings, beating estimates and last year's quarter with ease. Adobe's first-quarter earnings were 47 cents a share, beating 43-cent the

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estimate and last year's 30 cents. So, what's the deal?

Well, sometimes when a company leaps 11 points during the day, there isn't anywhere left for it to go at night. Maybe the company can Photoshop something into tomorrow's picture because tonight's wasn't so pretty. It closed off 3 7/16 to 91 on 56,000 shares on Instinet. Island was even worse. Adobe dropped 5 5/16 to 89 1/4 on 45,000 shares.

Elsewhere on the earnings front,


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just did it over on

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. It rose 2 1/8 to 36 after closing up 11/16 to 33 7/8 on the NYSE.

Nike's third quarter came in at 52 cents a share, 2-cents better than the analyst pick and much better than last year's 44 cents.

Overall, tonight's session was a fairly calm one on the heels of the Dow's huge day and the Nasdaq's reversal. Many major names were left off of




most-active lists and took the night off. Those that did tempt investors traded in a mild fashion.



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as an example. It may have been the most-active issue on Instinet, but it only inched down 1/16 on fewer than 140,000 shares. That's just an extension of its day-session, where it was the second-most active Nasdaq issue, but finished unchanged at 95 3/8. Lots of shares in Mister Softee were trading hands, but not much was happening.

That's the deal with many of the bigger names. Shares traded hands, but not many of the moves were notable.


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rose 19/64 to 131 31/32 on Instinet, inching higher after gaining 3 3/32 during the day.



slipped 3/16 on fewer than 50,000 shares on Instinet.


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, which gained 3 5/16 to 81 15/16 during a hyperactive day session, eased about a half-point on both Island and Instinet.

Instead of buying the big names, maybe some of the late-night lurkers were checking out the NCAA action. No matter what the case, tonight's wings were mild.

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