There are a few reliable ways to keep your stock price moving higher: Don't start a professional football league nobody cares about; don't rename yourself "Iridium"; discover a possible cure for cancer.



is taking the hard way of the three, but the tentative signals -- 10 out of 10 leading mice approve of the company's targeted radiation therapy -- were a boon for the stock during the day, sending it up 32 15/16 to 54 3/4. Predictably, night traders were taking some money off the table, pushing the stock down 6 1/16 to 48 on 671,590 shares.

The Seattle-based company said today that its therapy eradicated human lung and colon cancer implanted in 10 of 10 mice, and prevented tumors for growing for at least one year in all 10 said subjects, as well as eight of 10 mice infected with human breast cancer.

The company hasn't begun treatment in humans yet, but plans to start this year.

The night owls also are all over



, after the company said it had obtained rights for diagnostic technology for measuring "oxidative stress levels" using a validated marker in urine or blood.

Oxidative stress -- and this is a big deal -- has been associated with a number of health problems, including heart attack, renal failure, neurological and inflammatory disorders, and accelerated aging. That's got the blood boiling for the late shift: After closing up 1/4 to 3 today, the stock has bounced 2 17/32 to 5 17/32 on 1.3 million shares in the evening.



was the most active stock in


trading and second-most active on


, on very little news. The stock lately was up 3 11/32 to 9 1/2 on just over a million Island shares.

The only news out today was a release from

Wall Street Gems

, a research company that isn't a registered broker-dealer, which began coverage on the company with a strong buy recommendation and put a price target of 40 on the stock. Company officials could not be reached for comment.

Nuthin' like doing business in Kazakhstan.

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American International Petroleum


was edging higher after posting gains Friday. That day the company announced a 35% increase in its recoverable net gas reserves to 604 billion cubic feet, up from the previously reported 449 BCF, for the


(pronounciation quiz later) gas field, in Kazakhstan.

The stock was up 1/32 to 1 5/32 on 140,000 shares.

Another oil producer whose stock rose unexpectedly last week,

Parallel Petroleum


, was up on an anticipated announcement Parallel's chief engineer had called "routine" in an interview with

last week. The company announced the successful drilling of two successful wells, which is thrilling, sort of. The stock nevertheless rose 3/8 to 3 1/8 on 265,000 shares on Island.

That too much to digest? Fine -- we've got some pretty standard "we're doing better than we thought" rhetoric from


, which, so far, is making a go out of naming your own price for fancy white albacore. The company said postclose that first-quarter revenue would rise more than 30% vs. the fourth quarter of 1999. The stock rose 5 15/16 to 96 on 1,600 shares, according to MarketXT.

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