Lycos (LCOS) continued to ride the rumor wave about its likely merger with Spanish Internet group Terra Networks (TRRA) , with Reuters reporting that an agreement could be reached by Tuesday.

The buzz that started Friday fetched the Massachusetts-based portal a lift of 7 13/16, or 14.4%, to 61 15/16 during the day, and tonight the gains just kept on coming. Lycos rose 1 49/64 to 63 3/8 on 35,000



In the double-standard tradition applied to acquiring companies, Terra dipped 4% on the same news.

A merger would create an $10 billion international Internet giant to rival

America Online






Sources close to the deal said that Terra offered to swap more than 1.5 shares of its stock for each share of Lycos, reported


. The offer would be worth more than $89.06 a share based on the Friday's closing price of Terra stock.

This ain't no siesta. The Spanish Internet service provider brings to the table 2 million Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking subscribers, a $16 billion market cap and the position of Europe's second-biggest access supplier. But Terra has yet to make a profit.

Lycos is profitable, has a young customer base and could target 30 million Spanish-speakers in the U.S.

Since the merger talks have been announced, Lycos has perked up 34%.

In the old days, people kept letters and documents in shoeboxes. Now as the exchange and availability of data proliferates, people need really, really big shoeboxes.

Brocade Communications Systems


solves the shoebox conundrum, allowing companies to access and share electronic storage facilities with fiber optic technology and storage area networks.

These are some very lucrative electronic shoeboxes. The San Jose company reported second-quarter revenue tonight that popped almost 500% over the year and moved the company from a loser to an earner. Brocade earned 11 cents a share vs. a loss of 1 penny last year.

Brocade went boom after the bell, boosted 7 7/16 to 122 3/8 on 70,000 Island shares.

The search is on.



is tonight's top stock on Island's most-active list. Clues to the move were scarce at first, but a plug from a press release issued at 6:30 p.m. EDT unraveled the mystery.

Parent company



reported positive second-quarter financial results and had some praise for its subsidiary, also based in Los Angeles.

The daddy company posted a 66% spike in revenue over last year, propelled by growth in its film, television and US businesses, according to the release.

"Since acquiring US in 1997 and nurturing it through its early stages in 1998, we have turned operating reins over to seasoned managers who are aggressively building a significant Internet force," lauded co-Chairmen Peter Locke and Donald Kushner.

The dot-com helps people find public record information on individuals, including addresses, aliases, phone numbers, property ownership, court records, corporate affiliations, dates of birth and dates of death.

Yes, this is the stuff of talk shows, sexy, sketchy and small. Just the kind of stocks late-night lurkers like to lick up. Lately they've been feasting, sending the cyber snoop 15/32 higher to 2 1/8 on 825,000 Island shares. Daylight traders also had a taste, pushing the stock up 1/32 to 1 21/32.

Upon investigation we learned that in February, the Web site announced a record 4 million January visitors. The news gave brought little relief to the price slide that started a bit earlier, when

Bear Stearns

downgraded the LA P.I. to attractive from buy, based on disappointing 1999 fourth-quarter results.

Like most of its Internet brethren, US Search has yet to make a profit, despite charging $39.95 for a standard search and $8 to $500 for other searches.

"As business users and individuals become more familiar with the Web and online information services, they are realizing that there is more to e-commerce than just catalog shopping," CEO Brent Cohen said in a press release.

The service does not just mean convenience for stalkers -- more than 1,900 small to medium-sized business are using the pre-employment background screening service. Paranoia is king, because in April, the personal search firm reported first-quarter revenue 22% higher than the fourth quarter's and 126% better than a year ago, with a net loss of 19 cents a share.



continued its daylight ascent after announcing this morning that it will be one of

H2O Network's

preferred providers of Internet services. H2O helps corporations customize their content and functionality to suit their users.

How is this for a turn of phrase? While H2O is an Internet service provider, PSINet will be providing its Internet services.

This means that PSINet will offer H2O additional global hosting, Web development, Internet access solutions and a bit of cash.

While day-session participants reacted to the announcement with a lukewarm 1/8 bump higher, the tech crazed after-hours crowd celebrated the deal by floating PSINet up 19/32 to 25 11/16 on 14,000 Island shares.

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