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How do you spell relief?



eschewed the droop after the battered Internet health site received $1.5 million in financing and extended its branding agreement by two years with namesake

Dr. C. Everett Koop


The former

U.S. Surgeon General

will continue to serve as the chairman of the board and write articles for the more-than 1.3 million members of health network.

The Texas-based company closed a bridge loan with a merchant bank to meet short-term capital needs while they try to secure permanent financing.

In conjunction with the bridge loan, the merchant bank received warrants to purchase 4 million shares of common stock at an exercise price of $0.75 per share, subject to adjustment.

The company hit a 52-week low of $1 on May 31 amid takeover rumors and after cutting its staff by 35%.

Today, it rose 29/32, or 55.8%, to 2 17/32 on the news. C. Everett groupies were quieter by night, the euphoria faded and the company slipped 11/32 lower to 2 3/16.

For those of you that aren't tired of reading about


(RMBS) - Get Report

, check out last night's

Night Watch to see just how high a semiconductor company can jump. Today, the shares rose 18% and jogged up an additional 1 9/16 to 116 9/16 on 192,000



You see, Rambus developed some really neat

memory chip technology and now everyone who uses it needs to pay up. Investors are pretty happy and like to show their affection buy buying like crazy.

It is not easy to be king of the e-tailer jungle. Especially when the natives get restless and analysts throw spears.

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lost 19% after

Morgan Stanley Dean Witter

analyst Mary Meeker saw little upside to her June and September revenue estimates. If anything, in fact, she sees some possible downside to her expectations.

After an initial evening slide, the company started to recover. It was lately up 5/16 to 34 1/4.

We haven't seen

Cytoclonal Pharmaceutics


in these parts since mid-April, when it was Island ECN's most popular issue. Back then, the Texas-based biopharmaceutical company announced developments in fighting lung and breast cancer. It wasn't the first company to develop these particular treatments, but then again who is rooting for cancer?

Today, the firm discovered another cancer inhibitor of the BCL cancer gene, which is involved in lymphoma, skin cancer and small-cell lung cancer. The company shot up 3 1/2 to 11 or more than 46% as the biggest percentage gainer on Nasdaq and floated 9/32 to 11 9/32 at night.

American Eco


(echo...echo...echo) provides industrial and environmental services to the energy, pulp and paper and power generation industries.

Lately, this company has become a regular on the after-hours scene. It hasn't made a Rambus-like ruckus but rather has traded quietly on no news. This week, there were more shares traded after-hours than during the day. Today, the company ended the session unchanged on 171,400 shares, but posted a healthy 117,000 shares so far tonight. It was also 1/32 higher at 5/16.

Methode Electronics


popped 12% today. This evening, the electronic component manufacturer rose 1 5/8 to 44 7/8.

Apparently, the company has a stake in Stratos Lightwave, which is preparing to go public soon. At 3:41 pm EDT,

wrote, "assuming a first day price of $45 per share, METHA's 54 million-share stake in Stratos Lightwave would carry a value of $2.43 billion, or approx. $68.25 per share (excluding tax implications)". The article was then posted on trader message boards.

Accelerated Networks


had an eponymous debut. It more than tripled in its first day of trading after selling 4 million shares at $15 this morning. The shares settled at $47.88 , a 220 % gain, giving the company a market cap of almost $2.4 billion.

The California-based company transmits data over a single broadband network and was 1/2 higher at 48 1/2.

What happened to

Today' s Man


? While some women may tell you otherwise, the answer is -- nothing.

It was trading flat at 17/256 tonight after finished unchanged on the day. Following a reverse 1-for-4 stock split last Friday, the men's clothing retailer has not been doing too well. But then again most men don't like to shop and even bargain crazy night owls weren't biting.

After selling off 1 7/8 or 2.75% today,


(QCOM) - Get Report

regained 1 15/64 after hours. After all, just like Rambus, the wireless company can potentially make a lot of money licensing its CDMA wireless technology.

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