Archie Bunker used to call 'em bureaucraps, but after-hours trading tonight is all about the good things government has done. And no, it has nothing to do with Alan Keyes. Yes, he is still campaigning.

A message came from the Great

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, which said postclose that its $15 million, 15-month contract with the

Internal Revenue Service

had been renewed. The company, along with

Intellisys Technology

, delivers and maintains


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software for approximately 130,000 computers within the IRS, one of which undoubtedly has its sights trained on you

right now


Anyway, the contract lets the IRS use software to distribute and manage software products across the Internet to its various sites. rose 2 19/32 to 7 11/16 on 3.98 million






announced that the U.S. district court in San Jose, Calif., dismissed two federal class-action lawsuits filed against Read-Rite and its officials. The suits were filed by shareholders that purchased the stock during 1995 and 1996 (back when the stock price didn't match an ostrich's hat size -- it traded in the 40s in mid-1995). The first suit cannot be filed again, the court said.

The stock lately was up 3/4 to 3 31/32 on 845,700 Island shares. No word on whether the IRS was planning on taking its whacks at the company next.

Shares of

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Moyco Technologies


, a manufacturer of professional dental supplies (like that thing that sucks all the saliva out of your mouth), were being treated like the school bully was assigned to tighten your braces.

The company said it received purchase orders from connector companies for its products -- namely, abrasive films for polishing fiber-optic connectors. Investors were unmoved, or more accurately, moved to sell -- shares were down 9/16 to 7 1/8 on 133,000 shares.

Let's relight this candle?


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shares were down in after-hours action, trading lately at 20 1/2, down 1/16 on 2,000



Ameritrade canceled its after-hours trading session yesterday because of problems with its trading network, spokespeople for the company said today.

"The extended-hours session was canceled because the market destinations were unable to facilitate trades," the company said in a statement.

News of a more prosaic nature was driving

Comverse Technology



The company said its fourth-quarter profit rose 56%, due to strong demand for its communications software systems. The company posted operating earnings of 60 cents a share for the fourth quarter, compared with 44 cents a year earlier.

Shares were up earlier to 230, but the company is no longer among the MarketXT's 10 most active.

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