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Smiles everybody, smiles! While Mr. Roarke put away those pink cocktails, evening names were mostly making some pretty tiny movements. There were a few exceptions.



showed the world that it really was something. It beat Wall Street earnings estimates, jacked up revenues more than 2000% from the same time last year and added more than a million registered users in its fiscal third quarter.

The largest free Internet service provider in the world came to the Island (just like, say,

Sonny Bono


Barbi Benton

would come to Ricardo's little hideaway) to relive this Jan. 27, when it hit a high of 35 3/16. Since those heady days, the Internet company scraped near zero, trading at a new 52-week low of 5 on April 17. Tonight the shares are 3 1/4 higher at 15 1/4 on 100,000 shares on Island.

Ever get that feeling that someone is following you? ZeroPort is NetZeros' feature product. It allows users of the company's "Speed Dial for the Web" to be moved anywhere on the screen without closing, regardless of where the user travels. This lets advertisers display targeted banners or messages the entire time the user is online.


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nursed a caffeine hangover after its stock fell 2 1/16 to 35 on


, after slipping 1/16 to 37 1/16 during the day session.

Seattle's beverage behemoth announced earnings that were in line with Wall Street expectations as well as plans to double domestic expansion plans.

Now, instead of having a Starbucks on every street corner and strip mall, Starbucks will install mini coffee shops in the homes of consumers. The company is currently designing store models for size-challenged environments like New York City apartments and/or jail cells (whichever is larger).



also made a celebrity appearance on the Island (a la Norman Fell, say), rising 1 7/32 to 7 1/4 on 45,000 shares.

After debuting at $9 a share in its March 24 IPO, the company halved its value to 4 7/8 on April 17, before inching higher.

The computer e-tailer, known for its stuttering stock symbol (EEEE), boasts the third-largest retail sales of U.S. personal computers. Its eMonster PC's and eSlate notebooks account for a quarter of the company's sales.

The company reported an 82% increase over first quarter revenues in 1999. Earnings were 1 cent per share.



started the evening with the largest gains on Island after it reported earnings. Traders lifted it more than a point before it retreated to the fore. It regained it momentum after a pause and was recently up 1 5/8 to 12 3/4 on 20,000 shares.

Brightpoint is the kind of company that redefines convenience. It not only provides distribution and value-added logistics to the wireless communications industry but it offers "just-in-time delivery" of it wireless handsets, according to the company's website.

Brightpoint's management information system keeps you linked electronically through every stage of the ordering process.

The company's distribution services also include the famous three Ps -- purchasing, picking and packing.



The wireless euphoria created by


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stellar financial results and 10% price gain today was as contagious as a yawn. Competitor and Swedish drinking buddy,



reaped the benefits of growing wireless demand after hours. The Stockholm-based telephone giant also spiked 10% today, and rang up an additional 2 35/64 to 91 63/64 on 72,521 shares on Instinet.

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