The Multiplex Index -- Dollars and Scenes

If you're dying to see a movie this weekend, try seeing it in Singapore, where the U.S. dollar goes a little further.
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Welcome to the Multiplex Index, where we'll be providing clarity on the prevailing currency rates of the day...with the help of the global movie industry.

Now, did anyone see

Terminator Salvation

this summer? Well, I paid $11.50 at a theater in NYC to see it. And I want my money back.

Mind you, movie studios aren't exactly in the business of cutting refund checks to disillusioned customers. But if you feel as thoroughly ripped off as I do, maybe the next best thing is to save some cash the next time you head out to the multiplex.

Imagine for a moment that you come equipped with the greatest superpower ever (teleportation, what else?), and only major currency-exchange rates to consider. Where would you go to see a flick to stretch those last few dollars?

Out of the four currencies we're tracking, the easy answer is Singapore. There, US$6.90 for an average ticket will buy you a little piece of mind if that movie turns out to be stinker.

Go watch the same movie in Tokyo, with the state of the yen, and you'd best be sure that the flick offers more than rock 'em, sock 'em robots and a digitized Governator-cameo. Spending quid for a night in London will only leave you slightly better off.

By comparison, doling out euros in Madrid to watch Christian Bale save the future may allow you to buy some extra goobers. Enjoy the show the below, and check back each day to see the major currency moves...

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