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The Best of Both: Scoops and Analysis

Stories range from news on the Yahoo/GeoCities deal to whether it matters to be first on the Internet.
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new design, it's more apparent that

Deion Sanders

has nothing on us. The breadth and tightness of our coverage is Primetime.

With everything that's happening during market hours, readers can't read everything, so here's a look at a collection of our best.


We got more than a truckload of

Raisin Bran


George Mannes and Suzanne Galante, our two horticulturalists covering tulips, broke the news that



was in talks to acquire




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Yahoo!, GeoCities Talking Merger

Alex Berenson, perhaps the only media reporter in the country who doesn't own a TV, came up with a scoop of his own this week:

Disney, Chancellor Media Discuss a Linkup

Jesse Eisinger,


drug reporter, came up with the first look at the data on the launch of


(MTC) - Get MMTec Inc. Report

arthritis drug:

A Celebrated Start For Monsanto's Celebrex





reporters aren't breaking news, they're providing thoughtful analysis.

Is being first best or being best best? That's the question that George Mannes asked in his piece on the advantage of being first on the Internet:

First-Mover Advantage: What's It Really Worth?


Retail reporter Suzanne Kapner wondered if the strong

North Face


brand is heading south:

Retailer Risks Cutting Off Nose to Spite Its North Face


Marcy Burstiner showed that despite protesters,


(INTC) - Get Intel Corporation Report

will benefit from selling trackable chips:

Despite Boycott, Trackable Chips Are Good for Intel


Eric Moskowitz took a look at the new way companies are trying to sell their stock:

The Evolving Art of Interpreting Insider Buying

A big biotech deal warranted some thoughts on the deal's wider implications:

Agouron Deal Signals Big Pharma Is Warming to Biotech


The air is so thin in Wyoming, it's a wonder that economics correspondent James Padinha can think at all. But he proved thoughtful as he weighed in on Alan Greenspan's comments on Net Lotto:

On Internet "Investing"


Nick Watson's piece on a weakening Rupert Murdoch should keep Fleet Streeters warm on winter nights:

Murdoch's U.K. Cable Stranglehold Loosens"


Commentator Lewis Perdue took a shot at gun sales on the Internet with this piece:

Excite and eBay: Flirting With Disaster?