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NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Unemployment in the United States reached a peak of 10% during the recession of 2007-2009, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics. Since then, the unemployment rate across the country has been on a slow and steady decline. The current unemployment rate is 5.9%.

However, through the tough economic times some states have fared better than others.

For our purposes, we define the "unemployed" as people counted in the labor force that are actively looking for jobs for over four weeks but have not secured one.

To find out which states have fared the worst since the end of the recession, we have compiled a list of the top 10 most unemployed states in America based on numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Based on that data, here are the top 10 most unemployed states in the country...

#10: Alaska

Unemployment rate: 6.8%

Population: 735,132

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#9: Arizona

Unemployment rate: 6.9%

Population: 6,626,624

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#8: Oregon

Unemployment rate: 7.1%

Population: 3,930,065

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#7: Michigan

Unemployment rate: 7.2%

Population: 9,895,622

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#6/5/4 (tie): Tennessee

Unemployment rate: 7.3%

Population: 6,495,978

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#6/5/4 (tie): Nevada

Unemployment rate: 7.3%

Population: 2,790,136

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#6/5/4 (tie): California

Unemployment rate: 7.3%

Population: 38,332,521

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#3: Rhode Island

Unemployment rate: 7.6%

Population: 1,051,511

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#2: Mississippi

Unemployment rate: 7.7%

Population: 2,991,207

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#1: Georgia

Unemployment rate: 7.9%

Population: 9,992,167

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