NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Not every marriage is perfect, everyone knows that. According to the American Psychological Association, about 40% to 50% of all marriages in the United States end in divorce. While that sounds like a lot, it doesn't mean that almost half of the country is divorced, or that the number of divorces is spread evenly across the country.

It's difficult to find a pattern in divorce rates across the country. Thanks to a 2012 report from the U.S. Census and data aggregation by Bloomberg we are able to say which states have lower divorce rates than others. These states are spread across the country, making it tough to say that people living in a particular region are more likely than others to be divorced.

This list reflects the 10 states with the lowest percentage of divorced people aged 15 and older.

So if you're looking to find other divorcees you might want to avoid these states. Or, you might want to look into them if you think lower divorce rates are good luck for your own marriage.

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10 (tie). Massachusetts

Percentage divorced: 10.1%

Percentage married: 46.1%

Percentage separated: 2%

Massachusetts is tied for tenth place with 10.1% of people aged 15 or older in the state divorced.

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10 (tie). Maryland

Percentage divorced: 10.1%

Percentage married: 46.7%

Percentage separated: 2.6%

Tied for tenth place is Maryland, with a divorce rate of 10.1% in a state of 5,928,814 people.

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9. Illinois

Percentage divorced: 10%

Percentage married: 47.6%

Percentage separated: 1.8%

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8. California

Percentage divorced: 9.8%

Percentage married: 46.1%

Percentage separated: 2.4%

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7. North Dakota

Percentage divorced: 9.7%

Percentage married: 51.9%

Percentage separated: 0.9%

North Dakota is also notable as the state with the lowest percentage of people separated from their spouses at just 0.9%.

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6. Utah

Percentage divorced: 9.5%

Percentage married: 55%

Percentage separated: 1.7%

Utah is one of three states tied for fourth/fifth/sixth with 9.5% of people over the age of 15 divorced. The state is also notable for having the highest percentage of married people in the state, with 55.7% of the 2,900,872 residents married.

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5. Pennsylvania

Percentage divorced: 9.5%

Percentage married: 48.1%

Percentage separated: 2.2%

Pennsylvania is tied for fourth/fifth/sixth with 9.5% of people in the state of 12,773,801 divorced.

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4. Hawaii

Percentage divorced: 9.5%

Percentage married: 49.5%

Percentage separated: 1.5%

Hawaii is tied for fourth/fifth/sixth with 9.5% of its 1,404,054 residents divorced.

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3. Washington, D.C.

Percentage divorced: 9.2%

Percentage married: 26.7%

Percentage separated: 2.1%

Though Washington, D.C. isn't a state, it is still counted by the U.S. Census, and it comes in at third with 9.2% of people in the area saying they were divorced. The district also has the lowest percentage of married people, with married people making up just 26.7% of the population.

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2. New York

Percentage divorced: 8.8%

Percentage married: 44.2%

Percentage separated: 2.8%

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1. New Jersey

Percentage divorced: 8.6%

Percentage married: 49.2%

Percentage separated: 2%

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