NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Corporations such as Marriott International (MAR) - Get Report are milking social media to gain a competitive edge in the hospitality and entertainment industries.

HYP3R CEO Carlos Garcia believes his company's ability to aggregate public social media posts based on location helps improve both services and experiences alike.

"Usually in social media, when it's customer service related, the consumer is mentioning the brand. So if you're at American Airlines (AAL), you will attack American Airlines. But when you are at an event, you're not necessarily tagging Yankees, you're having a great experience there and sharing with everyone," Garcia said on CNBC's "Power Lunch."

Location enabled tweets and posts will be publicly shared with HYP3R's clients. Garcia spoke about its partnership with Ticketmaster as a means of connecting social media shares at a stadium with ticketing data.

"The idea is to elevate the experience, the in-game experience. We have over a dozen sports teams, professional sports teams, across the NBA, NFL, MLB and NHL that are using our platform," Garcia noted.

Garcia believes criticism of "spying" is misdirected, as HYP3R online analyzes public data This allows the company to aggregate that information and give its clients much greater access to customers.

"When you look at the use case of Marriott, before HYP3R or the content that we service for them only 4% of posts had identifiable hash tags and mentions. The other 96% gives them the opportunity to engage their most important customers," Garcia added.