Snapchat Releasing New GoPro (GPRO)-Like Glasses - TheStreet

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Video-sharing app Snapchat is rolling out its first piece of hardware - video recording sunglasses called 'Spectacles.'

The glasses take 10-second video clips at the tap of a button near the hinge and post them directly to your Snapchat account. White lights on the front of the glasses alert people around you that you're recording. 

The new release will allow people to give their viewers a running commentary of everything they're seeing, noted Fox Business' Stuart Varney on Monday morning's "Varney & Company."

The glasses seem similar to Alphabet's (GOOGL) optical display called 'Google Glass' and could be a "Go-Pro (GPRO) killer," according to some people, Varney said. Go-Pro is known for its action cameras that mount onto helmets and other objects to provide first-person video footage. 

Of course, Google Glass ran into a wall with privacy issues so we'll have to see if Snapchat manages to avoid similar concerns, noted Fox Business' Ashley Webster. 

"The writing is on the wall. This kind of thing is coming," Varney concluded.

The glasses will be released this fall for a price around $130, Webster reported.