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September 2003 corrects its errors.
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A Sept. 30 story,

Flight to Quality Coming for Stocks?, incorrectly said shares of


(YHOO:Nasdaq) were up 90% this quarter and shares of


(PMCS:Nasdaq) up 147% this quarter.

Yahoo! is up about 90% since its March low and up 8% this quarter, while PMC is up 150% since its March low and 12% this quarter.

regrets the error. (

Corrected Sept. 30


A Sept. 26 story,

AFL-CIO Wants Langone Kicked Off Boards Everywhere, incorrectly reported that Kenneth Langone sat on General Electric's (GE:NYSE) board when Jack Welch's controversial retirement plan was negotiated. In fact, Langone joined the GE board after that package was negotiated.

regrets the error. (

Corrected Sept. 29

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An Aug. 22 column

To Follow the Money, Look at Loans contained an error. The article said that if a bank received a $100,000 deposit, it could make $900,000 in loans. Actually, it could make only $90,000 in loans (holding $10,000 as its reserve requirement and lending the rest). The process keeps repeating to achieve the higher figure.

regrets the error.

(Corrected Sept. 12)

A Sept. 11 story,

Cantor's eSpeed Shifts Into Overdrive, misstated


(ESPD:Nasdaq) IPO price. It was $22, not $33.

regrets the error. (

Corrected Sept. 10


The Sept. 3 Jim Jubak column,

Dividends: A Beacon in the Market's Fog, incorrectly listed

General Dynamics'

(GD:NYSE) trailing 12-month dividend as $1.18 per share. In fact, the firm increased the quarterly dividend to 32 cents a share in March, payable to shareholders of record as of April 11. That put total dividends over the past 12 months at $1.28 per share.

regrets the error. (

Corrected Sept. 10


A Sept. 8 story,

Rate Case Gives Duke Energy New Headache, erroneously reported that South Carolina regulators had determined that


(DUK:NYSE) overcharged electric utility customers there for years. In fact, the regulators determined that Duke had been understating profits that, with recommended accounting changes, would still have fallen within acceptable limits. The company would have occasionally exceeded its allowed limits in the larger market of North Carolina, however.

regrets the error. (

Corrected Sept. 9


A Sept. 4 story,

Handset Makers Book 2004 for Upgrade Party, mistakenly reported that


(NOK:NYSE) had forecast 2004 industrywide handset sales of 507 million units. In fact, that forecast was made by researchers at Strategy Analytics of Boston. Nokia says it hasn't made an industrywide forecast for 2004.

regrets the error. (

Corrected Sept. 5


A Sept. 2 story, Bails on Travelocity, Citing 'Breach,' incorrectly said

(EXPE:Nasdaq) had terminated a contract with Travelocity. In fact, it was

(ROOM:Nasdaq) that ended the pact.

regrets the error. (

Corrected Sept. 2