The Sept. 6 Tish on Tech,

Yahoo! Looks for Some More Predictability From Advertisers, incorrectly reported that Yahoo! has 600 advertisers. Yahoo! officials say the company has 3,500 advertisers. (

corrected Sept. 7


The Sept. 8 column,

Universal Access Has Some Inside Tracks, but Will It Get to Use Them?, incorrectly reported that

Universal Access'

(UAXS:Nasdaq) targeted year-over-year growth rate is 25% to 30%. In fact, that is the company's targeted quarter-to-quarter, or sequential, growth rate. Universal's most recently reported quarterly revenues were 3.5 times greater than the previous year's revenues in the same quarter. (

corrected Sept. 8


A Sept. 5 column,

Gore, Bush Fight the War Against Drug Makers, incorrectly reported that Celebrex is made by


(PFE:NYSE). In fact,

TheStreet Recommends


(PHA:NYSE) makes Celebrex.

(corrected Sept. 7)

A Sept. 5 story,

For Interactive TV, Potential Remains Unfulfilled, mistakenly referred to Bill Frezza as managing partner of venture capital firm

Adams Capital Management

. In fact, he is general partner there. (

corrected Sept. 6


A Sept. 1 story,

Bankers Throw Conseco a Life Jacket, Extending Two Loans, incorrectly described one loan involved in


(CNC:NYSE) debt restructuring. The story incorrectly gives the impression that Conseco alone is liable for a $145 million loan made to senior company employees to buy Conseco stock. In fact, Conseco, as guarantor of the loan, is liable only for any part of the loans that the individuals are unable to repay. (

corrected Sept. 5