Sept. 27-Oct. 3 - TheStreet

Sept. 27-Oct. 3

<I></I> rectifies its errors.
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A graphic in an Oct. 1 story,

Action in z-Domain Names Heats Up as Amazon Starts Buying, mistakenly reported that eight Internet domain names had been acquired by

(AMZN:Nasdaq). In fact, those zShops-related domain names had merely been registered with

Network Solutions

(NSOL:Nasdaq) and haven't necessarily been acquired by Amazon. (

corrected Oct. 1


An Oct. 1 story,

As H&Q Sells, Volpe Brown Inherits Indie Bank Mantle, mistakenly reported that

Volpe Brown Whelan

has co-managed about 25 IPOs or secondary offerings this year. In fact, it has co-managed a total of 39 offerings in 1999. (

corrected Oct. 1


The Sept. 30 TaskMaster column,

Undressing Window Dressing, mistakenly identified

Banc of America Securities'

director of portfolio strategy, John Skeen, as John Keen. Also, the column erroneously reported that Skeen recommended shares of


(CI:NYSE). He actually recommended


(CIEN:Nasdaq). (

corrected Oct. 1


The Sept. 29 Evening Update,

eBay Soars on Addition to Nasdaq 100; After-Hours Trading Update, and the Wake-Up Watchlist section of the Sept. 30 Wake-Up Call,

Stocks Look Poised for a Strong Showing, incorrectly said


(EBAY:Nasdaq) would be added to the

Nasdaq 100

on Monday. The stock will join the index on Wednesday. (

corrected Sept. 30


The Sept. 28 morning

Bond Focus incorrectly quoted the price of gold. The price of gold rose above $300 an ounce, not per pound. (

corrected Sept. 28


The Sept. 27

Got a Minute? and the Midday Watchlist section of the Sept. 27 Midday Musings,

Traders Get a Bounce on Dollar/Yen, Technicals, incorrectly said

Palm Harbor Homes

(PHHM:Nasdaq) had "a large unsold retail inventory." The company said a statement it made refers to the large unsold inventory of the manufactured homes industry as a whole, not for Palm Harbor Homes. (

corrected Sept. 27


The Sept. 27 Options Buzz,

Philip Morris Puts Roll as Holders Look for Insurance, misstated the strike price on

Philip Morris

(MO:NYSE) put options sold Monday. The options' strike price was 40, not 47 1/2. (

corrected Sept. 27


A Sept. 26 James J. Cramer column,

State of the Web: Who Will Win the Cyberrace?, failed to note that the trader's firm was long

Home Depot

(HD:NYSE) at the time of publication. (

corrected Sept. 27