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A Sept. 25 story,

NBCi to Relaunch Its Internet Properties, incorrectly stated that the closing price for

NBC Internet

(NBCI:Nasdaq) was $16.19 the previous Friday. In fact, the closing price was $6.19. (

corrected Sept. 29


The Sept. 27 Building Blocks column,

Rising Energy Costs: Bad News for REITs, mistaktenly reported that the second quarter 10-Q for

U.S. Restaurant Properties

(USV:NYSE) covered the period ended March 30. In fact, the 10-Q covered the period ended June 30. (

corrected Sept. 28


A Sept. 27 Tech Savvy column,

priceline's Warning Predictable; Danger Ahead, Will Shatner!, incorrectly suggested that Jay Walker was an officer of


TheStreet Recommends

(CMGI:Nasdaq). Walker, CEO of (PCLN:Nasdaq), is not affiliated with CMGI. (

corrected Sept. 28


A Sept. 25 column,

A Few Drops of Prell, incorrectly quoted a former


director of research, Michael J. Prell, as expecting economic growth to accelerate from its current 2.5%-to-3% range to 5%. In fact, he expects economic growth to accelerate to something "slightly higher" than the current 2.5%-3% range. (

corrected Sept. 25


A Sept. 24 story,

Bear Stearns Nearly Loses Its Rising Star, incorrectly stated that analyst Amy Butte visited

Banc of America Securities'

New York office on Aug. 18. In fact, she visited the office on Sept. 11. (

corrected Sept. 25