A Sept. 15 column,

Power Plays: Independent Producers Fueled by Surging Energy Demand, failed to note that

Northern States Power

had merged with another utility to form



(corrected Sept. 15)

The Aug. 31 Options Buzz,

Financial Firms' Options Belie Takeover Frenzy, incorrectly reported Mr. Stock's new commission rates included 12.5 cents per excess share charge. In fact, it should have been .125 cents per excess share.

(corrected Sept. 15)

A Sept. 11 story,

Hard-Hit Net Ad Stocks Rise Monday, incorrectly reported that


(LNTY:Nasdaq) said it is serving more than 100 billion Internet advertisements a day. In fact, the company said it is serving more than 100 million Internet ads per day. (

corrected Sept. 15


An Aug. 31 column,

REITs a Treat for Insiders, misidentified a 1993 seller of


(CRE:NYSE) shares as current Chairman Thomas Carr. The seller was actually former Chairman Oliver Carr Jr. (

corrected Sept. 15


The Sept. 14 Options Buzz,

Put Buying Could Be Signaling a Rally, incorrectly reported Wednesday's closing put/call ratio as 0.46. In fact, it was 0.58. (

corrected Sept. 14


Clarification: A Sept. 13 story,

AT&T Exec Sees Data-Networking Spending 'Leveling Off', reported a pullback in 2001 data-network equipment spending at


(T:NYSE). The company, which hasn't formulated numbers for 2001, prefers to characterize 2001 data-network equipment spending as "leveling off." (

clarified Sept. 14


A Sept. 13 story,

Rambus Jumps On Licensing Deal With NEC, incorrectly reported that

TheStreet Recommends


(RMBS:Nasdaq) sued both




, which later signed patent agreements with the chip designer. In fact, Toshiba negotiated such an agreement without either party filing a lawsuit.(

corrected Sept. 13


A Sept. 11 story,

Blodget Lowers Amazon Earnings Estimates , mistakenly reported that

Merrill Lynch

analyst Henry Blodget narrowed his 2000 loss-per-share estimate on


(AMZN:Nasdaq) to $1.23 from $1.27. In fact, the analyst Monday widened his 2000 loss estimate to $1.27 a share, from $1.23. (

corrected Sept. 11


A Sept. 8 story,

Goldman Reportedly Pursuing Purchase of Spear Leeds Kellogg, mistakenly attributed to

Goldman Sachs

analyst Mark Constant a remark about Wall Street firms' views on executing trades. The comment should read as follows and shouldn't be attributed:

Major Wall Street firms hope to increase the number of trades they execute and also complete as many as possible within their own operations to avoid paying a middleman.


corrected Sept. 11


An Aug. 28 story,

Amerindo Adds Some Bio- to Tech Holdings, incorrectly reported that the

Amerindo Technology

fund (ATCHX) was down 32.6% for the year. In fact, it was down 18.5%.

(corrected Sept. 14)

The Aug. 11 Stock Strategies column,

Keeping Score on Insiders'Trading Success, incorrectly reported that

Applied Analytical Industries

(AAII:Nasdaq) had recently missed analysts' earnings estimates. In fact, for the company's June quarter, earnings handily beat expectations. (

corrected Sept. 15