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Selloff Shopping, a Short Story and Buy Low, Sell ...

SAN FRANCISCO -- With the markets so busy with this week, people with money on the table were plenty busy watching the tape. But some notable market watchers -- like's staff -- are forbidden from trading and took this mercurial market to task with smart, quick hits. Sure, there were some flights of overwriting (get a load of this garbage: " It's supposed to be beach time, tee time; if money comes off the table, it comes in crumbs -- not choking piles of steaming, indigestible mutton."), but for the most part, TSC writers focused on what mattered most in this market, and got there quickly so the readers could too.

Writing short and quick, of course, ain't easy, as was famously pointed out by

Mark Twain

(who once worked for the Savage Mining Co., headquartered in the building now housing


West Coast Bureau). Twain wrote a long letter to a friend because he hadn't had time, he apologized, to write a short letter.

Making Short Work of the Selloff

The only thing that rocked more than the market on Wednesday was

staff. In a massive effort, every


reporter on the East and West Coast got into the office early and began cranking on this story, which was constantly updated as the trading day rolled on. And just in time --

had more readers that day than any in our 22-month history on Wednesday and traffic rose to record levels.



Shopping List -- What the Pros Are Buying (Aug. 5)

The Incredible Shrinking Shortie

Just when things couldn't get worse for



, senior writer

Jesse Eisinger

sinks his teeth into it. With impeccable sourcing and lucid style, Eisinger breaks down exactly why short-sellers in the know have been drawn to this particular stock.

Short Stories: Behind the Veil Lurks Questions About Revenue for Biovail (Aug. 7)

(Don't) Play Ball

Multisport talent

Eric Moskowitz

is equally at ease from each side of the plate, hitting with his


series, or his coverage of sports business, his new beat. Two of his pieces this week stood out.

One is a piece about an investment banking battle over a business that doesn't even exist yet -- the new football franchise in Cleveland. And you thought Net stocks were crazy.

The Ball Game: The Browns, the Green and the White Shoes (Aug. 4)

Moskowitz's second notable was a piece about a missed call by the most overanalyzed analyst in the business --

Merrill Lynch's

Tom Kurlak. This time,

Morgan Stanley

chip analyst Mark Edelstone seems to have beat Kurlak at the


(INTC) - Get Intel Corporation (INTC) Report


The Ax: Intel's Back, and So Is Edelstone (Aug. 4)

Brenda's Best Bets


popular mutual fund columnist

Brenda Buttner

TheStreet Recommends

puts up but doesn't shut up, telling readers about how she stuck to her own advice this week on the funds


trusts with her money.

Under The Hood: What Was Brenda Doing with Her Funds This Week? Yep, Nothing (Aug. 6)

Where's the Dancing Bear?

This piece by the real

Gary B. Smith

(not to be confused by that imposter formerly writing for

Sports Illustrated

) is a multimedia feast. With a pile of screen grabs, Smith shows all the stimuli that traders react to on a crazy trading day.

See, what we needed here were a couple of the Java-jazzed flaming logos.

Technician's Take: Charted Territory: Ascending? Not Exactly (Aug. 5) tml

Don't Call It a Commie Back

It's good to see that retro-Red baiting, like the decade of the 1980s itself, is making a comeback. Contributor

Richard Medley

breaks down the troubles facing the emerging public economies of Russia and China.

Richard Medley: Can You Teach Old Commies New Tricks? (Aug. 7) 71998.html

You Can Have Donna, We've Got Suzanne

Staff reporter

Suzanne Kapner

knows from how to accessorize. For example, any business publication can tell you that

Donna Karan

(DK) - Get Delek US Holdings Inc Report

stock is under pressure because of expenses. But Kapner points out the salacious details that bring that story to life. Dig this: "Known for lavish spending, Donna had four personal assistants, including one who followed her around with a cup of hot water and lemon in case the designer grew parched at a crucial moment, says a former employee. Little regard for expense control helped contribute to a $91.3 million operating loss for the year ended December 1997, including $61.5 million in one-time charges."

At Donna Karan, Revamping After a Fashion (Aug. 6)

The Invisible Mouth Roars

Funky Cold

James Padinha

gives the

Bureau of Labor Statistics

jobs report an interpretation that could only come from, say, Jackson Hole. Or, in his own words: "If you are tired of listening to *&%*% from those idiot New York Wall Street $@%&s, then this piece is for you."

Take Out GM and That's One Hot Jobs Report (Aug. 7) l

Wait, Buy Low; Sell ... How's That Last Part Go Again?

The Street crushed shares of

MMC Networks


this week, believing that the company's relationship with


(CSCO) - Get Cisco Systems, Inc. Report

was in trouble. But staff reporter

Marcy Burstiner

checked it out and found out there was nothing further from the truth. When her story ran on Wednesday morning, the stock was trading at 19 -- on Friday, it surged to as high as 23 7/8. That's a 26% gain in three days -- making this the best kind of


story -- the kind that can make you money.

Does MMC Stand for Market's Microcosm? (Aug. 5)