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Only one deal is on the lockup table for the next two weeks: Select Medical (SLMC) , a Pennsylvania-based company whose stock price has suffered in recent months.

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On April 4, Select Medical, which operates specialty acute-care hospitals, priced 9 million shares at $9.50, just below the $10 to $11 price range. The stock traded up 6.58% on its first day of trading, and it closed Thursday at $13.07, still significantly higher than the IPO. Nevertheless, it's in the hot seat right now.

The Slide of Select Medical
Shares have been suffering since August

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Since Aug. 28, Select Medical's stock price has been on a downward slide. No, let me rephrase that -- the stock has been toppling off little cliffs since then. One thing's for certain: The past two months have been ugly for Select Medical, and a pending lockup expiration doesn't help. Although officers and directors, who are typically associated with longer-term investment goals, make up the majority of Select Medical's shareholders, they may find this a good time to sell while they still have a healthy profit. Look at it this way: When a stock price falls that much in two months, insiders have to be a little bit worried about how low it can go.

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