Sacramento Kings Readying to Unveil 'The World's Best Arena' - TheStreet

NEW YORK (TheStreet) --When Vivek Ranadive took control of the Sacramento Kings NBA franchise in 2013, he effectively saved it from being relocated to Seattle. However, in response, then NBA commissioner David Stern laid out a series of benchmarks for building a new stadium that had to be met by Ranadive.

Ranadive delivered on the agreement to bring a new stadium to the city of Sacramento. However, this is probably not the typical NBA arena you are envisioning.

He and the Sacramento Kings are set to unveil their brand-new arena, The Golden 1 Center. He calls it the most high-tech stadium in the world.

"This is Golden 1 Center the world's best arena. When I bought the Sacramento Kings I made a personal guarantee to the NBA that I would have a new arena by 2017. Thanks to the hard work of all these people here we're going to be done one-year ahead of that milestone," Ranadive told Bloomberg TV's Cory Johnson during this afternoon's "Bloomberg Markets."

Ranadive says the new arena will cater to every fan's needs.

"It's there to service you. When you walk in your phone is the remote control for the whole arena. It will tell you how to get to the game, where to park, and how to get to your seat," he said.

Ranadive added that the push for high-tech came before the stadium's foundation had even been laid. The Kings sold out the new arena by offering fans the experience of seeing the views of various seating locations using virtual reality.

"We have many different camera angles, you'll be able to look at replays, you'll be able to get stats, and we're actually the first team that's gamified it. You can play games, and make bets, not using money, but using loyalty points and getting experience as rewards," he explained.

Since Ranadive took up the role of team owner, the Sacramento fans have had little to get excited about. During his tenure the Kings have gone a combined 90-156. Through this new stadium, he is hoping to put the excitement back into Sacramento basketball.