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Market been down so long it

looks up to you?

While many investors will be sitting out the day after Thanksgiving, those set to trade today look like they're going to jump-start the tech-heavy

Nasdaq Composite Index off its newest lows. The index closed on Wednesday at 2755.3, the lowest point since last October and 45% off the all-time closing high of 5048.62 it reached March 10.

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At 7:05 a.m.

S&P 500 futures were trading 17.30 higher to 1340.30, putting them about 14 points above

fair value, as calculated by

Prudential Securities

. Futures for the large-cap tech Nasdaq 100 were up by 95 to 2777.50, placing them about 99 points higher than fair value, as calculated by

. Fair value is a good gauge of how stocks will trade in early action, and today all signs look positive.

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In Europe, the major stock indices were pushing higher. The


in Paris was up 1.56% to 6147.55 and the


in Germany was gaining 1.51% to 6702.28. In London, the


was 0.93% higher to 6343. Asian markets were mixed. The

Hang Seng

in Hong Kong was down 1.28% to 14,376.90, while the

Nikkei 225

in Japan was edging 0.10% higher to 14,315.35.

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