On Tap Today: Employment Report Rivets Attention; Buy.com Gets Unquiet

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It's all about the February employment report this morning, with Wall Street waiting for this week's biggest hint to the future course of interest rates. (TheStreet.com previewed the report in a story yesterday.)

Elsewhere, the pickings are slim. There's one IPO quiet period expiring, and no

S&P 500

earnings reports.

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  • 8:30 a.m.:Nonfarm payrolls for February. Source: Labor Department. Forecast: 206,000. Previous: 387,000. Unemployment rate: Forecast: 4.0%. Previous: 4.0%. Average hourly earnings: Forecast: +0.3%. Previous: +0.4%. Average workweek: Forecast: 34.5. Previous: 34.6%.
  • 10 a.m.:Factory orders for January. Source: Census Bureau. Forecast: N/A. Previous: +3.3%.
  • 10 a.m.:Purchasing Managers' Non-Manufacturing Index for January. Source: National Association of Purchasing Management. Forecast: N/A. Previous: 52.5.
  • 10 a.m.:Consumer Sentiment Index for February -- final. Source: University of Michigan. Forecast: N/A. Previous: 111.2 (February preliminary); 112 (January).

IPO Quiet Period Expiring


Ben Holmes, who heads


ipoPros.com subsidiary, keeps a close eye on quiet-period expirations every week. For more on quiet periods and why they matter, check out Holmes' refresher on the subject.