Oct. 4-10

<I>TheStreet.com</I> corrects its errors.
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An Oct. 7 story,

Expanding Beyond Consumers, AOL Sets Its Sights on Business-to-Business Services, incorrectly stated that Barry Schuler, president of


(AOL:NYSE) Interactive Services group, oversees the company's Digital City property. In fact, Digital City is overseen by Ted Leonsis, president of AOL's Interactive Properties group. (

corrected Oct. 8


The Oct. 6 TaskMaster column,

Window Redressing, incorrectly reported

Centerpoint Properties

(CNT:NYSE) closed the New York session on Sept. 30 at 30 1/16. In fact, the stock closed in New York at 33 1/16 before rising to 33 3/4 in after-hours activity. (

corrected Oct. 7


The Oct. 5 Midday Musings,

Wall Street Holds Onto Solid Gains as Fed Decision Nears, incorrectly reported that

Trigon Healthcare

(TGH:NYSE) was exiting the health insurance market. The firm actually announced it would exit the health insurance market in rural areas of the Southeast by closing

Mid-South Insurance

, a small unit. (

corrected Oct. 7


An Oct. 7 James J. Cramer column,

The Net's Getting Hotter Than Hardware, incorrectly referred to

BMC Industries

(BMC:NYSE) instead of

BMC Software

(BMCS:Nasdaq). (

corrected Oct. 7


An editor's note on an Adam Lashinsky column originally posted Oct. 6,

A Special Delivery Direct From Webvan's Road Show, incorrectly said that neither


nor the

Securities and Exchange Commission

were immediately available for comment on the company's delay of its IPO based on SEC concerns. In fact,


made no effort to reach either Webvan or the SEC before the note was posted. In addition, the editor's note incorrectly used the term "alleged" to describe Webvan's dissemination of information not included in its prospectus during road-show presentations. (

corrected Oct. 7


An Oct. 6

Got a Minute? item mistakenly reported that

CheckFree Holdings

(CKFR:Nasdaq) posted fourth-quarter earnings of 5 cents a share. CheckFree reported those earnings Aug. 10. (

corrected Oct. 7


An Oct. 6 story,

See the Future of Software: Oracle Dubs Exodus as Its Application Service Provider, incorrectly said that


(EXDS:Nasdaq) acquired the

Mitchell Madison Group

. That firm was actually acquired by


(USWB:Nasdaq). (

corrected Oct. 6


An Oct. 6 story,

Despite a Lack of Hits, a Wily Fox Still Merits Watching, incorrectly referred to

J.P. Morgan

analyst Richard MacDonald as Richard McDonald. (

corrected Oct. 6


An Oct. 5 Bond Focus,

Fed's Bias Triggers Tantrum in Treasuries, incorrectly reported the fed funds rate. It is 5.25%, not 4.75%. (

corrected Oct. 6


The Oct. 5

Got A Minute? incorrectly reported that

Goldman Sachs

cut its rating on


(CL:NYSE) to market outperform from market perform. Instead, the investment bank raised its rating on the stock to market outperform from market perform. (

corrected Oct. 5


The Watchlist section of the Oct. 5 Wake-Up Call,

Market Waiting on Fed This Morning, mistakenly stated that


(TLB:NYSE) earned 4 cents a share in the third quarter of 1998. In fact, the company earned 40 cents a share in that period. (

corrected Oct. 5


An Oct. 4 column,

Risk Arbitrage: Anatomy of the J&J-Centocor Deal, failed to disclose that author David Brail's firm,

Palestra Capital

, was long


(CNTO:Nasdaq) and short

Johnson & Johnson

(JNJ:NYSE) at the time of publication. In addition, the first paragraph of the column gave the wrong Friday closing price for Centocor shares. They closed at 59 11/16, a $1.31 discount to the stated $61 deal price. (

corrected Oct. 5