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Due to an editing error, an Oct. 29 article,

The Coming Week in Europe: Firms Seek Their Place in Earnings Spotlight, mistakenly identified


(SHR:NYSE ADR) as Schering Plough.

(corrected Oct. 29)

Due to an editing error, an Oct. 26 column,

We're Getting Closer, mistakenly identified


(NT:NYSE) as Northern Telecom.

(corrected Oct. 26)

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An Oct. 25 story,

Optical Sector Plunges, but the Selling Isn't Done, mistakenly explained call options as a bet a stock will go down. In fact, call options amount to bets that stocks will rise. (

corrected Oct. 26


An Oct. 23 article,

Facing Investor Questions, Lucent Offers Few Answers, incorrectly reported that the rate of employee departures was 20% per quarter at


(LU:NYSE). In fact, the rate of departure is 20% per year. (

corrected Oct. 24