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An Oct. 6 market feature,

Muted Wage Growth in Jobs Report Blunts Effect of Unemployment Rate, incorrectly reported that the augmented unemployment rate rose to 7.4% in September from 6.9% in August, and that the pool of available workers increased to 10.826 in September million from 10.042 million in August. In fact, the augmented unemployment rate fell to 6.8% and the pool of available workers decreased to 9.826 million in September. The numbers reported for August were correct. (

corrected Oct. 6


The Oct. 5 Options Buzz, Options Showing Little Life as WebHouse Dies , incorrectly reported that the

Chicago Board Options Exchange

doesn't add strike prices on options on an intraday basis. In fact, the exchange, does add strike prices intraday. (

corrected Oct. 5


An Oct 29 story,

The New Old Thing: Funds That Look Past Pure Plays to Old Economy, incorrectly stated that the OpenFund

has $32 billion in assets. In fact, it has $32 million in assets.

(corrected Oct. 5)

Due to an editing error, an Oct. 5 column,

False Hopes in Techland, incorrectly referred to a huge decline in the

Chicago Board Options Exchange

put/call ratio. In fact, the

Chicago Board Options Exchange Index

put/call ratio suffered the decline. (

corrected Oct. 5


The Oct. 4 Game Plan column,

Ex-SEC Official an Effective New Voice For Fund Owners, incorrectly stated that

Gartenberg vs. Merrill Lynch Asset Management

set the legal standard for assessing mutual fund directors' fees. Actually, it applies to fund management fees. Additionally, the name of

Alpha Group

founder Harold Evensky was misspelled. (

corrected Oct. 5


An Oct. 4 story,

Oracle Sees Another Nasty Selloff, misidentified a

Robertson Stephens

analyst who downgraded


(ORCL:Nasdaq). The analyst was Eric Upin, not Marshall Senk. (

corrected Oct. 4


A Sept. 28 story,

Conseco Numbers Suggest Turnaround Is Far Off, introduced a tax-treatment error into an analysis of


(CNC:NYSE) cash-flow projections. For a detailed explanation, please see a related Oct. 4 story,

Conseco, Taxes and Cash Flows: The Numbers and Beyond. (

corrected Oct. 4


An Oct. 3 story,

Intel Rises in Preopen on News Chip Sales Soared in August, incorrectly reported that


(INTC:Nasdaq) said it expected to delay the introduction of its next-generation processor, the Pentium IV. The company hasn't said the processor's rollout would be delayed. (

corrected Oct. 3