Oct. 11-17

<I>TSC</I> corrects its mistakes.
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A table in an Oct. 15 Nothing but Net article,

Despite a Valiant Late Rally, the DOT and the Nasdaq Wind Up Bloodied, incorrectly said


(EGRP:Nasdaq) rose 1 7/16, or 5.4%, to 25 1/16. E*Trade actually dropped 1 7/16, or 5.4%, to 25 1/16. (

corrected Oct. 15


The Oct. 13 Dear Dagen column,

Readers Debate Best and Worst Fund Trends, incorrectly said 50% margin would buy $150 worth of stock with $100 down. Actually, 50% margin will buy $200 of stock in that situation. The article also said that if the $100 investment falls to $50 in value, you've lost $100 rather than $50. Instead, it should have said if the stock falls in value by 50%, you've lost $100, your entire cash investment. Without margin, you'd have $50 left of your $100 cash investment.

(corrected Oct. 15)

The Oct. 13 Evening Update,

Tyco Schedules Conference on Accounting Practices and Apple Beats the Street, incorrectly said that the

First Call/Thomson Financial

first-quarter estimate for

Premisys Communications

(PRMS:Nasdaq) was 17 cents a share. In fact, the estimate called for a 7-cent loss. (

corrected Oct. 14


Due to an editing error, the Oct. 13 story

Market for Bootleg Sequoia Shares Wanes as Fund Slumps mistakenly stated the Sequoia fund's return as 15.1% for the past 12 months. Its return was actually minus 15.1%; the minus sign was accidentally deleted.

(corrected Oct. 13)

An Oct. 12 story,

As Mexico Recovers From Natural Disaster, Investors Look to the Banking Sector, misspelled the last name of a Latin American economist at

Lehman Brothers

. She is Lisa Riley, not Lisa Reily. (

corrected Oct. 13


The Oct. 12 Evening Update,

Intel Slides After Hours on Earnings Miss; Motorola Cites Iridium for Lackluster Results, incorrectly said

Tricon Global Restaurants

(YUM:NYSE) missed estimates with its third-quarter earnings of 70 cents a share. The

First Call/Thomson Financial

consensus estimate of 99 cents included facility action net gains. The applicable First Call estimate was 69 cents. (

corrected Oct. 13


A table in the Oct. 11 TaskMaster column,

Has the January Effect Become the October Effect?, incorrectly included

Lincoln Bancorp

(LNCB:Nasdaq) on the buy list of

Salomon Smith Barney

market strategist John Manley. Manley's buy recommendation was instead for

Lincoln National

(LNC:NYSE). In addition, the table omitted the performance since Sept. 9 of


(ALL:NYSE), another company on Manley's buy list. From Sept. 9 to Oct. 11, the stock dropped 27.1%. (

corrected Oct. 12


An Oct. 8 story,

Stock Mart: Topps, misstated

Fechtor Detwiler & Co.

analyst Tim Gray's sales-growth estimate for


(TOPP:Nasdaq). Gray expects Topps to show 38%, not 8%, sales growth this year. (

corrected Oct. 12


The Oct. 8 Evening Update,

Quantum DLT Group Issues Warning on December Quarter; After-Hours Trading Update, incorrectly referred to

Quantum Digital Loop Tape & Storage Systems Group

(DSS:NYSE). In fact, the correct name is Quantum DLT & Storage Systems Group. Also, DLT refers to digital linear tape, not digital loop tape. (

corrected Oct. 11


An Oct. 11 story,

George Gilder, Whose Musings Have Made Others Millions, Mulls Starting His Own Fund, incorrectly reported that

Loral Space & Communications

(LOR:NYSE) was down 3% since it was added to the

Gilder Technology Report

list 14 months ago. In fact, Loral was added to the list two months ago and is down 3% since then. (

corrected Oct. 11