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In a Nov. 26 story,

Two Masters Are One Too Many at Some Fund Firms, Invesco was incorrectly identified as a firm that managed hedge fund money. It does not.

regrets the error. (

Corrected Dec. 9.


In a



earnings call Wednesday on the subscription site

Street Insight

, the abbreviation CRM, for cardiac rhythm management, was erroneously entered as customer relationship manangement.

regrets the error. (

Corrected Nov. 13.


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The original headline on a Nov. 12 story,

eBay's EPS Boosted by Non-Expensing of Options, misstated how much


(EBAY:Nasdaq) third-quarter earnings benefited from the company's policy of not expensing stock options.

Reported per-share earnings were 78% higher -- not 40%, as the headline originally stated -- as a result of that treatment.

regrets the error. (

Corrected Nov. 13.


A Nov. 12 story,

"Delta Sees Charges on Retirements," incorrectly said


(DAL:NYSE) had offered an early-retirement package to its pilots. In fact, Delta has offered no such program; pilots are retiring at a high level in part because of ongoing labor negotiations at the airline.

regrets the error. (

Corrected Nov. 12


A Nov. 6 column,

Payment for Orders: Go With the Flow, or No?, contained an erroneous reference to the amount that exchanges or market makers will pay your broker's firm for routing your order to them. The payment is often up to $0.015 a share for transactions directed their way, not 15 cents, as originally published.

regrets the error.

(Corrected Nov. 11)

A Nov. 7 story,

Tarred by Market-Timing Brush, Hedge Funds Quit the Business, incorrectly reported that Houston-area fund DLR Advisers employs a trading strategy involving QQQs and Spyders, and that the company was audited by the


for a second time last month. It also described the company as a registered commodity pool operator. In fact, the fund currently uses a strategy involving only Rydex funds, although it is considering using stock baskets such as I-Shares, QQQs and Spyders. Also, although the company was audited in May 2002, it was subpoenaed last month. In addition, the company should have been described as a registered investment adviser and commodity pool operator.

regrets the errors. (

Corrected Nov. 10


A Nov. 4 story,

Cisco Holders Wading Into Stock-Pay Deluge, mistakenly indicated that


(CSCO:Nasdaq) sought to expand its employee stock-option grant. In fact, the plan would boost the number of shares held for discounted employee stock purchases, not option exercises.

regrets the error. (

Corrected Nov. 4.


An Oct. 31 column,


Options Forum: The Put/Call Mismatch, omitted an important point when addressing the price disparity between puts and calls. The end of the column has been updated to explain the impact of dividends.

regrets the omission.

(clarified Nov. 3)